Sunday, August 1, 2010

hello august!

Twitter has been down for the whole day already. it's amazing how i'm still alive. LOL!
i miss twitter. T_____T


anyways, went to EastWood's food fair with ah Wee just now. boy, we're we late. ;D
after that, we decided to look for the new restaurant Tomato was talking about. -- Under One Roof.
we couldn't find it so we ended up at Desserts. ahaha! halfway eating, only then Tomato called back. -___-
turns out the place was only stone's throw away from Desserts.
gonna go there next time! :D

today is a happy day. cos i woke up naturally. *inserts evil laughter*
missed morning mass though, dad and mum didn't wake us up :(
so have to go evening one later. D: alone woi!!

last night, went up to Canada Hill with Zaika friends and Jac.
chef Arif bought drinks and keropoks for us! wooh~
i've really grown to love them all. they're cute people with funny personalities. haha
aww shucks i sure will miss them :/

weird thing is, on our last day, the office people didn't even bother to inform us when to return to take our pay, or at least say something appreciative ma. we worked there for one month leh!! considered their staff also okayy !! mlm

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