Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 08 - A picture of yourself

bah. this is the best i could get. not photogenic today :[

anyways, had a row with dad just now. why?
cos forever ago i asked both him and mum, whether we can make a late birthday celebration for the three of us (me, my dad and my brother) in Excapade.
they both happily said yes.

then as the date got closer, they started making excuses. saying things like "you really want to go all the way there to eat sushi ah? have to pay tol oh."
why didn't you thought about that BEFORE you made that promise, hmm???

very tired of all this bull. it's not like you can't afford the fucking tol. if we're that poor, then fine i'll understand why we can't go. but we sure as hell can afford. you wouldn't even want to spend that petty money. so i guess your promise is worth even less than the tol fee ei? saddening.

and the reason why i don't often blog emo posts here is because i don't want people to read them and go, omg i can't believe her parents' are like that.
i don't want anyone to pity me. i don't need your pity so save it for someone else.

hell, i'm so sick and tired of all this. it's so obvious that you treat my brother better than you treat me. you set the curfew to 12am but it was already 1230am yet i don't see you calling him and scolding him to come home immediately. whereas in my case, it's barely 1145pm and you're calling and messaging me to get my ass home. seriously, what can happen in that short amount of time? i'm not spankin' hot that all the guys wanna rape me ok. why are you so freakin worried for??? i know how to take care of myself. and if i was destined to die on that night, then so be it. it's God's will. okay i can never cheat death.
you think just because you keep me at home before 12am i'll be safe and sound? shit happens during daytime too, just so you know. !!

ughh. the more i think about it the more pissed i get.
my brother asked for a new phone, and he's gonna get one. how much does it cost?? 2k++++
WTF is this shit.
my first phone, i bought it with my own fucking money. then his first phone, you bought it for him. why like that leh?

now he's getting a new one, then when i ask for one you keep making excuses not to give me one.
and even if it seems like you're almost going to agree with my request, i still hold my breath and dare not think too much. cos i know you suck at keeping promises.
you never care how i feel. maybe that's just how it's always gonna be.
i don't wanna fucking know anymore. i don't wanna fucking care anymore. life is just so..... life.

P/S: don't ever fucking mention anything in this post to my face. you wanna bitch about it behind me is fine by me. but don't ever ask me anything about it. i mean it.

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