Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 12 - A picture of your favorite food

lame picture in answer of the lame challenge. LOL!

is it just me, or is this challenge getting lamer and boring-er by the day?
sighh. but without it, i don't have anything else to blog about. it's like one of the way to get me blogging. but sad to say, at the beginning of the challenge, i sort of lived my life based on it.
i just don't see how that's healthy.

something really bad happened a few days ago. i wonder whether it's myself thinking too much, or whether what's in my head is real. i really don't want to feel that way. it's just so.. frustrating, knowing that you did everything right, and yet you don't get what you deserve. instead, the person who's done everything wrong has it better than you, and yet does not appreciate it at all.
sometimes i really wish to strangle the crap out of you. make you realize how selfish you are. how you make decisions without considering other people. i wonder how you can be so cold blooded as to treat us as if we're not even family. and yet, everyone is so afraid of you that you have your way all the time.

yeah, there's only one word to it - unfair. life is such a bitch, when you think everything's gonna be alright, something happens and takes away everything you have. and the things that seemed reachable, suddenly gone before your very eyes. wow. i think i'm getting tougher and stronger, learning to get through the shit that life puts me through.


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