Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 09 - A picture of what you had for lunch (FAIL)

had burger for lunch today!! but totally forgot to take a pic of it :/
so once again i included a (FAIL) in the title. hahaha sad case!

neways, i have good news to share. teehee.
awhile ago, i posted on Twitter that i'm doing the CASS Survey on Curtin website. it says that prizes are to be won, if you're lucky lah.
here's my tweet :

i've been crazy about iPhone lately i don't know why :x
can you believe i spent the weekends drooling over Hello Kitty iPhone cases online? wtf
everyone's laughing at me saying that i buy iPhone case but haven't buy iPhone. LOL! ki siao. hahaha

okayy back to topic -- the good news :D

well folks, we all saw with our eyes. Terry's gonna get me my case if i win the phone.
and frankly speaking, the case ain't cheap xD


you know what? the odds of me winning is practically nil. -____-
wtf was i happy about again? ZZZ

*smacks forehead*

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