Saturday, August 28, 2010

true love exists??

oh yeah! i am color contacts free! ... for the time being ;P
bought a pair pink contacts from Lovely Lens House thru FB. turns out the seller is my friend wtf -_-
she evil lor hiding her identity from me. but still.. support her yeah!! cos the lens damn nice also. ahaha <3

neways, went to a birthday dinner just now. my dad's friend's 50th. it was fun. food okay okay only, i was so full D:

but the speeches were very funny and touching at the same time. their children, 3 of them are in the phillipines and couldn't come back to celebrate his birthday with him, so they wrote letters, and close friends read them out on stage. almost brought me to tears :x

oh dear, look at my fringe.

nerdeh glasses is <3. 

i was gonna type a long speech on how i suddenly believe that maybe, just maybe, true love does exist in this world, but my english just ain't pro enuf to express what i want to say. *SIGH*
so... thus ends my post. muahaha!

it's like 1.27AM and i'm still wide awake, right after promising dad i'd bath and sleep early from now on. :s

well... at least i bathed earlier than usual, right? ;D

i love youuuu <3 but i love Bean Bean more =|

PS: i have no idea what is going through my mind lately. it's like, i'm not thinking at all! the things i do, the thoughts that go through my head... it's just so wrong. i'm torn to pieces feeling this way. but sometimes i just can't help feeling attracted to you? (wtf you see these are the forbidden thoughts i was talking about!)
but i know fairly well this is WRONG. as in, capital letters wrong. bah. not gonna elaborate.
NITES! >:)

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