Sunday, July 31, 2011

i'm so fat

my week was.... eventful, and tiring. it's nice being so drowned with stuffs but then again, it's nice to take a step back from all that and just breathe too.

really happy that Monday classes are in the afternoon. hehe so i can sleep in tomorrow.

well, i just got back from work at Parkson. worked for Digi during the weekends. it was tiring, my eyes were killing me (they still are) and standing for the whole day was just...... exhausting. glad that i made new friends though. and thanks for the people who accompanied me during lunch and dinner. haha <3

why is it whenever i'm trying to save i see things and get tempted to buy them? >:(
for example, i saw the FCUK watch in Parkson (not gonna reveal where HAH! SO SUE ME) and fell in love!!! like, i've been searching high and low for it for YEARSSSSS!!!!
but none of the shops are selling that brand. i even continued my search in Philipines when i went back that year, but NO LUCK!!

and NOW, it's available in PARKSON!?! can you see the dilemma i'm in? *big fat sigh*

friday night, finally we had our shisha session with Daryl. but alas the shisha in Miri wasn't up to his expectation. tssk

Thursday night was the Four Season's wedding performance. it was fun, nerve wrecking, but fun.

okay that's enough words for a post. time for the pictures~

 priceless pic. haha

 blue bird yay ":D

 ahaha birthday card from Steph. her handwriting so nice ler!

 bought these rings. nice ler!! and cheap! :D

lame right this post? only pictures. but yeah i'm just so lazy :S

Thursday, July 28, 2011


sista's for life yo. hahahaha

we had a pimple on the same side of our face, on the same day. heck, we even poop at the same time. ROFL. #justsaying

the Mafia gang. LOL!

this is my grateful face. ngehehe.

okayy this is just a lame post. i just want more hits!! come on come on come on!! a few more $$ and i can cash out! please click on my ads thank you thank you muacks <3

Sunday, July 24, 2011

the day i turned 20 :D

i'm officially 20, people.
took a while for the message to sink in. i'm not a teen anymore. *dramatic music plays*

is this why pimples are starting to sprout on my face? it hurts so bad i can't even smile properly without it hurting. :(

anyways, had pre-celebrations firstly with awhyo (on the 19th) and with Musketeers (on the 20th). on the date itself i had dinner with my family and relatives. they came all the way from the Philipines to surprise my dad. his birthday was on the 18th. fun filled week indeed.

had dinner at Sanga. honestly i didn't know they were celebrating my birthday too. i thought it was just Susan's. only when I saw the cake then i know. haha thanks guys <3

 artistic shot of the cake. wuahaha
taken by Sim Poh Lim.

 looks nice. in reality not so nice. loool

 lovely couple of the night! :D
i like how Delicia's talking a lot lately. HAHA ! XD

 my bu shuang face while cutting the cake!
everyone's so fussy and wanted the peach as topping, including myself. HAHA!

me: how to hold Susan's delicate hands and not break them? :| 
Susan: just hold the knife already!

next night, had dinner at Station One with the Musketeers. really glad that everyone came, touched. :)) even my brother came, and he brought his gf, as requested by me. hahha :p

yay happy family :D

theme color of the night ---- yellow! lolol 

 me and my bald patch making a wish :>

and on the 20th, Jac and I headed to Merdeka Mall to wash our hairs.
we saw the promotion price is RM12 so decided to give it a try. well, in the end Jac had to pay extra cause she asked them to blow her hair curly? wasn't happy lor like why didn't they tell beforehand? didn't even mention that we needed to pay extra.

did some quick shopping too!
bought this super cute Hello Kitty keychain!!!!!!! Jac suggested i use it as a pendant. nice RIGHT! hAHHAHA <3

and yea, the night went well. we sang k after dinner. sang til sore throat T.T

 me and my cousins. they're actually staying in Brunei now. the boy is really cute! hahaha

 me with mum~
i owe her an apology for acting so bitchy that night :(
if only i can turn back time, future me would bitch slap past me. D:

eew btw i look horrible in the pic. the camera man sucks!!!

Friday afternoon, sang k with Wee, Rebecca and Katty. and ah Seng and How Ven and Yu Yan? Wee's badminton buddies lolol

is it me or are my eyes getting smaller? -.-

anyways, the surprised me with a gift too! hahaha hello kitty bag. :3

everything i got this year is hello kitty. wahaha <3 happyyyy XD

 all the way from Melbourne. thanks Karen babe! :D

 is that a lot of pink or what? LOLOL

close up of some of the Hello Kitty things. ahaha.

 Hello Kitty keyboard from Bobby

 and this cute threesome is from Jac! hahaha
she bought me so many HK stuffs :3

 HK bag from Curtin gang <3 :D

 it's so photogenic. :D

okayy i'm done.
i'm still jealous that i didn't get to go to SG lor! sigh. all the fun i'm missing out on. boo!

but on the bright side, thanks for all the wishes, surprises, celebrations and gifts, people. love you much much and thanks for loving me too. :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

talking in parables

they say you learn something new everyday. and indeed you do.

i realize that some things are meant to be seen from afar, to preserve its beauty. i'm talking in parables, please try to read between the lines.

 that pretty face really serves its purpose well. you make hearts flutter and skip a beat. you make fools out of people who'd shed blood and tears for you. ahh~ but a pretty face is all it'll ever be now, is it?

i'm an emotional train wreck. i get mood swings so often it's like i'm having my period every single day of the year. like whut? why am i saying this? i've no idea. i'm just so sick of being blue.

you know the answer to a question, and you know it isn't the answer you want. you asked anyways, and indeed, you were right about the answer. why then, did you still feel sad? you were well aware that the answer wasn't going to be pleasing in the beginning. there's nobody to blame but yourself for not killing that last bit of hope you had inside of you. poor poor fool.

Friday, July 15, 2011

what pisses me off...

is people trying to tell me otherwise. if you don't agree with what i said, what i believe in, fine, so be it. but, keep your opinion to yourselves. it'll only make me even more angry.

so i'm sorry if i've said anything to offend you when you offended me. just so you know even more vicious words were written but i managed to erase them before posting them out. so yeah, you don't agree, then just keep it to yourself. i never asked for your opinion anyways.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

an emotion filled night

you know that feeling you get, where you with all your heart, want to reach out and do something, anything that will make things better, but can't. it eats you up inside, wanting to help so much yet being so helpless at the same time.

you must be wondering what i'm talking about.

my little brother was once again, been mistreated at school. last time, he was bullied and his books were thrown by bullies in his class. he was scared of them. imagine going to school in fear, dreading each day's arrival, wondering what they are going to do to you next. i remember him loving Ben10. but he refused to use the Ben10 bottle i gave him on his birthday, saying it is too childish. so i'm thinking probably it's his classmates that have been saying mean things to him. well, screw them all.

another time, he was pushed by one of his classmates and fell face-first on the floor. he came home with wounds on his face. the person who pushed him said 'it wasn't his fault'. well my dear boy, if it wasn't your fault, why then did you run away instead of helping him up? was it not out of guilt? oh don't bother, i might be wrong. you were probably in a hurry to pee.

and now, i found out that his teacher hit his head with a book just because he wasn't paying attention during class. and when he did that, his head hit the table. wow. what fantastic teaching skills are being applied in SJK Chung Hua Krokop. perhaps one day it'll even be legal to throw your students off the roof just because they were late for class.

sure, students may be hard headed, but hitting them? don't you think it'll make things worse hitting them on the head? like, what if their brain gets smashed, or what if they lose their memory? think about it.

i just really want the best for my little brother. he means the world to me. and it tears me apart knowing how hard his life has been. why are all the bad things happening to him? why not me? can i share the burden? that's all i can pray for, because i really don't know what else i can do.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


ahh, saw this on tumblr. i don't know how or why, but the last sentence touched me. we're all weird little things now, aren't we?

some of us have everything, yet complain that we don't have enough;
some of us have nothing, yet are grateful just for being given another day.

some of us can't wait to die, for the struggles on earth are simply too much to handle;
some of us are sick and have limited time to live, yet are fighting with all their might to go on.

not sure why i'm blogging about this. but somehow, i just feel that i'm weird too.
i complain that i don't have this and that, while others around me are so much better off getting whatever they want.
then again, there are times where i feel unworthy for the things that i do have. sometimes i feel that God is too good to me, that i don't deserve the things I have. and that He should instead be kinder to others, for others have worked their asses off more than I did.
you get what i'm saying? neither do I. i'm just weird. and i complain too much. >:(

i guess what i'm trying to say is... simply too hard to put into words. so i'll just leave it as it is.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

"In any war, there are calms between storms.
There will be days when we lose faith.
Days when our allies turn against us...
but the day will never come that we forsake this planet and its people. "

everything Optimus Prime says leaves a mark in my heart. he's the most intelligent among the autobots. wise, brave and kind.

if only men were half as good as he is. if only.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

zombies want your brain

went to the beach just now. kinda sohai-ed the whole day. felt great, only now, i'm feeling exhausted, and that is so not me.

anyways, saw these gorgeous pair of shoes in a shop. really like it but sadly i can't afford to simply spend on stuffs cause i have no more part time job. $$ flow is dead for now. damn. sucks laa this feeling. i'm trying my best to control so i can put some $$ inside the bank. it's almost 0 liao. HAHA so pity.

having fun at the beach. by having fun i mean taking tonnes of pics. lolol

Jac showing off her tattoo and me my bracelets hahaha

red hair. :D

zombie face HAHAHAHA!!
i love my double chin yo \m/

 don't i look innocent here?

eesh. my posts are getting more and more pointless. probably not enough time to think. so not much to rant about. or rather, there's too much to rant about that i don't have the time nor energy to put them into words.

boo. and by the way, results are out. honestly i'm quiet happy that i passed all my subjects. just pass though. you might think my expectations are low, well, yes they are. but it's not my fault i'm lazy (okay maybe it is i am trying my best to change yada yada) and lack perfect memory ya know. so passing is considered not bad, for my standards. plus, the papers weren't exactly easy peasy. i passed. to me it was enough. i was even happy and thought about asking for a reward. but boohoo. jokes on me, i guess it's not enough for your standards. no point asking for a new phone now. *lifelong dream shatters*

move along now, if you need me i'll be standing by the phone shop, looking longingly at the Blackberry wishing it'll be mine. bloody

Sunday, July 3, 2011

i heart KHJ

shopping is the key to happiness.

felt so good finally being able to shop yesterday. i need more money!! hehe
as usual, nothing much to blog about. just pictures to post only. dang.

results are gonna be released on the 6th, which is only a few days from now. *gulps. hope all goes well.

 pink headband from GMex.  :D
took me so much self control not to buy the angry bird stuffs. especially the blue bird, it's too cute!

bracelets and dress. sales everywhere. impossible to resist! :9

and of course, my favourite buy has got to be this heart tee:

my couple tee with Kim Hyung Jun. hhahaha <3
eee ignore the girl behind my hubby. SPOILER!

is it bad that every time i look at this pic i smirk? hahahahaha oh well. ;)

can i add in some camwhore shots before abruptly ending this post? can lah can lah ;DD

 the red/purple from my hair is fading. it's not that striking anymore. :(
why so fast? it's only been a week. sad sad sad