Monday, July 18, 2011

talking in parables

they say you learn something new everyday. and indeed you do.

i realize that some things are meant to be seen from afar, to preserve its beauty. i'm talking in parables, please try to read between the lines.

 that pretty face really serves its purpose well. you make hearts flutter and skip a beat. you make fools out of people who'd shed blood and tears for you. ahh~ but a pretty face is all it'll ever be now, is it?

i'm an emotional train wreck. i get mood swings so often it's like i'm having my period every single day of the year. like whut? why am i saying this? i've no idea. i'm just so sick of being blue.

you know the answer to a question, and you know it isn't the answer you want. you asked anyways, and indeed, you were right about the answer. why then, did you still feel sad? you were well aware that the answer wasn't going to be pleasing in the beginning. there's nobody to blame but yourself for not killing that last bit of hope you had inside of you. poor poor fool.

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