Wednesday, July 13, 2011

an emotion filled night

you know that feeling you get, where you with all your heart, want to reach out and do something, anything that will make things better, but can't. it eats you up inside, wanting to help so much yet being so helpless at the same time.

you must be wondering what i'm talking about.

my little brother was once again, been mistreated at school. last time, he was bullied and his books were thrown by bullies in his class. he was scared of them. imagine going to school in fear, dreading each day's arrival, wondering what they are going to do to you next. i remember him loving Ben10. but he refused to use the Ben10 bottle i gave him on his birthday, saying it is too childish. so i'm thinking probably it's his classmates that have been saying mean things to him. well, screw them all.

another time, he was pushed by one of his classmates and fell face-first on the floor. he came home with wounds on his face. the person who pushed him said 'it wasn't his fault'. well my dear boy, if it wasn't your fault, why then did you run away instead of helping him up? was it not out of guilt? oh don't bother, i might be wrong. you were probably in a hurry to pee.

and now, i found out that his teacher hit his head with a book just because he wasn't paying attention during class. and when he did that, his head hit the table. wow. what fantastic teaching skills are being applied in SJK Chung Hua Krokop. perhaps one day it'll even be legal to throw your students off the roof just because they were late for class.

sure, students may be hard headed, but hitting them? don't you think it'll make things worse hitting them on the head? like, what if their brain gets smashed, or what if they lose their memory? think about it.

i just really want the best for my little brother. he means the world to me. and it tears me apart knowing how hard his life has been. why are all the bad things happening to him? why not me? can i share the burden? that's all i can pray for, because i really don't know what else i can do.

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Joan said...

f- i'd go meet the teacher man. damn useless. and the boys too. f-