Sunday, July 3, 2011

i heart KHJ

shopping is the key to happiness.

felt so good finally being able to shop yesterday. i need more money!! hehe
as usual, nothing much to blog about. just pictures to post only. dang.

results are gonna be released on the 6th, which is only a few days from now. *gulps. hope all goes well.

 pink headband from GMex.  :D
took me so much self control not to buy the angry bird stuffs. especially the blue bird, it's too cute!

bracelets and dress. sales everywhere. impossible to resist! :9

and of course, my favourite buy has got to be this heart tee:

my couple tee with Kim Hyung Jun. hhahaha <3
eee ignore the girl behind my hubby. SPOILER!

is it bad that every time i look at this pic i smirk? hahahahaha oh well. ;)

can i add in some camwhore shots before abruptly ending this post? can lah can lah ;DD

 the red/purple from my hair is fading. it's not that striking anymore. :(
why so fast? it's only been a week. sad sad sad

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