Sunday, July 24, 2011

the day i turned 20 :D

i'm officially 20, people.
took a while for the message to sink in. i'm not a teen anymore. *dramatic music plays*

is this why pimples are starting to sprout on my face? it hurts so bad i can't even smile properly without it hurting. :(

anyways, had pre-celebrations firstly with awhyo (on the 19th) and with Musketeers (on the 20th). on the date itself i had dinner with my family and relatives. they came all the way from the Philipines to surprise my dad. his birthday was on the 18th. fun filled week indeed.

had dinner at Sanga. honestly i didn't know they were celebrating my birthday too. i thought it was just Susan's. only when I saw the cake then i know. haha thanks guys <3

 artistic shot of the cake. wuahaha
taken by Sim Poh Lim.

 looks nice. in reality not so nice. loool

 lovely couple of the night! :D
i like how Delicia's talking a lot lately. HAHA ! XD

 my bu shuang face while cutting the cake!
everyone's so fussy and wanted the peach as topping, including myself. HAHA!

me: how to hold Susan's delicate hands and not break them? :| 
Susan: just hold the knife already!

next night, had dinner at Station One with the Musketeers. really glad that everyone came, touched. :)) even my brother came, and he brought his gf, as requested by me. hahha :p

yay happy family :D

theme color of the night ---- yellow! lolol 

 me and my bald patch making a wish :>

and on the 20th, Jac and I headed to Merdeka Mall to wash our hairs.
we saw the promotion price is RM12 so decided to give it a try. well, in the end Jac had to pay extra cause she asked them to blow her hair curly? wasn't happy lor like why didn't they tell beforehand? didn't even mention that we needed to pay extra.

did some quick shopping too!
bought this super cute Hello Kitty keychain!!!!!!! Jac suggested i use it as a pendant. nice RIGHT! hAHHAHA <3

and yea, the night went well. we sang k after dinner. sang til sore throat T.T

 me and my cousins. they're actually staying in Brunei now. the boy is really cute! hahaha

 me with mum~
i owe her an apology for acting so bitchy that night :(
if only i can turn back time, future me would bitch slap past me. D:

eew btw i look horrible in the pic. the camera man sucks!!!

Friday afternoon, sang k with Wee, Rebecca and Katty. and ah Seng and How Ven and Yu Yan? Wee's badminton buddies lolol

is it me or are my eyes getting smaller? -.-

anyways, the surprised me with a gift too! hahaha hello kitty bag. :3

everything i got this year is hello kitty. wahaha <3 happyyyy XD

 all the way from Melbourne. thanks Karen babe! :D

 is that a lot of pink or what? LOLOL

close up of some of the Hello Kitty things. ahaha.

 Hello Kitty keyboard from Bobby

 and this cute threesome is from Jac! hahaha
she bought me so many HK stuffs :3

 HK bag from Curtin gang <3 :D

 it's so photogenic. :D

okayy i'm done.
i'm still jealous that i didn't get to go to SG lor! sigh. all the fun i'm missing out on. boo!

but on the bright side, thanks for all the wishes, surprises, celebrations and gifts, people. love you much much and thanks for loving me too. :)


Hah said...

where did ur friend by the keyboard?

MeLo♥ said...

hey, i think he got it from Sibu? :)