Tuesday, November 30, 2010

you're not supposed to look back, you're supposed to keep going.

it's gonna be December in a few more minutes!
edited this picture just now. was supposed to be my blog header, but then i decided to use the one i'm using now. it looked stunning at first, but after a few glances it just looked .. bleh. not all that. LOL! i just might change it to this though (:

just a few words before i end:
  • i really hope the war between South and North Korea will end soon. for Pete's sake you guys share the same last name, just stop and think for a second and you'll realize that all this fighting is just pointless and stupid. 
  •  we both know something is up, but for once, i honestly do not know what's bothering you. what did i do? or am i over thinking and it really isn't about me? if so, then why the cold shoulders? how are we supposed to get through this if you act as if you don't want anything to do with me?
  • lastly, i just really hope that everyone will be back to normal asap. seems like everyone is down in the dumps. i can't do anything to make you happy, you have to do that for yourself. happiness is your own choice. so please, please, make the right decision and be happy once and for all. why let troubles bring you down when you deserve so much more.
  • i'm really tired of being ignored. seriously. stop and think of how I feel. sigh.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Christmas. Christmas. that's all I can think about. attended a Christmas party last night at Imperial Palace. everyone was so well dressed in the Filipino traditional dress with gigantic shoulder pads. :O

I love Christmas. I adore Christmas. my dream is to have a white christmas, but I doubt that'll happen anytime soon seeing as how it doesn't snow in Malaysia :(

had lunch with da jie, KC, CY, ah Wee, Wilson and KC's friend yesterday. after that, went to pick my brother and had a good talk with Wee at my place. Thursday, watched Rapunzel with Doreen and Sanjeet. I LOVE THE MOVIE! somehow it made me long for a fairy tale and prince charming wtf. seriously, if you haven't watched it go watch it now! buy a dvd, watch it in the cinema, anything! :D

Wednesday night, Terrence chia-ed us Pizza Hut and we watched Harry Potter after that. the movie was not bad, too bad Tom Felton (Malfoy) had little screen time. :\ boohooo. and i don't know whether this is a good thing or not, but Terrence didn't changed one bit. oh his hair grew thicker i guess. other than that, everything is same. still as much an asshole as he used to be. ahem.

okay.. i think that's it for this post. it was originally quite long, but i deleted all the negative stuffs. haha. it's Christmas and i don't want to ruin a good decent blog post with all those unnecessary crap. :)

so, enjoy the pics. not in order because i'm so-o-o lazy.

looking good, KC. :D
my bro showing off his rm10 and Toblerone which he got from the party. hahaha

lutong porridge yum yumm. i didn't went for breakfast but still. yum yum. *licks lip*


group pic at Summit Cafe

goofing off at Starbuck, Doreen looks extremely good here. haha

the three blind mice miss. LOL

nasi lemak :9

nobody messes with the Melo. get it? (i look like a big boss here wtf wtf :D)

awww sweet as always. haha

All Time Low's biggest fan

sorry but i'm about to spam you with tonnes of Rapunzel pictures. LOL
oh did I mention the guy in the show is like, super hot? even if he is just a cartoon character. :O

look at that faceeeeeeee. :3

oh and the chameleon is very cute too!

Rapunzel :D
the smoulder. LMAO!

i totally teared up at this part. where they duet a song here. omggggg cry cry cry. LOL!

(Sanjeet and I) Our dream man.

handsome boy. hahaha

I LOVE THIS!!! no idea what it's called but still. mouth watering.

ham! LOL
Santa!! :D

Bong Bong. haha cuteee

okayyyy no more pics. gonna give my brothers tuition now. that's my job for the month of December. haha

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

want need want need WANT!

one more month til Christmas! i simply can't wait. :D
and what would Christmas be without a Christmas wishlist? hahaha just joking. honestly all the things on my list are too expensive. so instead of calling it my Christmas wishlist, i'm gonna name it my 'things-I-will-buy-when-I-become-a-filthy-rich-engineer list'. ;)

first off. something I not only want, but need.

#1 A Hair Dryer.

 yes, i am a nineteen year old girl without a hair dryer. fml gao gao. LOL! *hides face in shame*
also, I need the circle thingy that you attach to the hair dryer for curly hair one. O_O i have no idea what's it called. but I know how it looks like so I guess that'll do. :P

#2 ZA's Two Way Foundation

seriously, even if i don't use the foundation, just owning this case would make my day. xD
it comes in pink mind you. ughh and it's so shiny. T.T

promoted by the one and only @Xiaxue. main reason i want it. haha :P

#3 Gel Liner

been wanting this kind of eyeliner for quite a while now. :>
hopefully can buy one soon! (any suggestion on a good brand? waterproof pleasee)

using Maybelline's gel liner now. damn love it :)) 

#4 Shopping Bag 

both bags are from minimaos. the hello kitty one isn't that nice, but it's hello kitty so i want it!! but thankfully it's out of stock now. LOLOL more reason for me to get the silver one. hahaha. and i realize I like bags with this kind of design. almost all my bags are like that -0-
weirdo much.


urm, now for the slightly out of reach things my heart longs and aches for. :3

#5 either iphone 4 or BlackBerry 9700 

they're both to die for. no idea which i'm gonna go for but i'd probably only be able to afford when i'm working (assuming that I successfully pass my 3 more years of hell in Curtin). or perhaps i'd get lucky and somehow persuade my dear daddy to buy one for me. whichever comes first ^-^

#6 Hello Kitty Diamond Necklace 

this is designed by Kimora Lee Simmons. i think. so yeah no doubt it'll cost a fortune i'm just putting it up here for the sake of making my wishlist seem more classy. HAHAHA.

i don't know what's this for but i want it!!

#7 My Dream Car ...... 

i want i want i want! :D