Sunday, November 7, 2010

have you ever realized how fragile life is?

there is only a thin line, separating life and death. 
everyday is a miracle. everyday, is a gift from God. we must always remember that all we have is given to us by God. He can take every single thing back. With the snap of His fingers, we can lose all the worldly possessions that we have. so be grateful. do good to others and live life to the fullest. and remember that not everyone is as lucky to wake up to a new day. not everyone is able to see how beautiful things are. not everyone is as lucky to have a home. not everyone has a family. not everyone has food to eat. so when you're sitting there complaining how this fish is too salty, this drink too sweet, remember that there are people who are starving with no food to eat. (omg it rhymed!)

instead, be grateful for all that you have. for the people who stood by you, the people who were always there. for true friends who are always caring and wanting the best for you. be happy that you have a family who loves you, for some people are orphans. 

i have to say that i am truly blessed with so much. God loves me so. haha. He really does. i'm really grateful for still being alive. there are so many times in the past where i told myself how i wish i was dead, so I won't have to go through this exam. seriously? giving up my life just for a damn examination? silly me. i remember telling that to my mum jokingly, and she said to me: a friend of mine has cancer, and she is fighting to live, and here you are healthy, and you say you want to die? 

i cried after hearing that, in my room of course. haha. well, tears are dripping down my face right now. i don't know why i'm so emotional. and nope, this isn't sadness. life has been good to me thus far. :) 

i realized i've grown a lot. i think? now i don't feel like dying to escape the world. (excuse me but i'm not suicidal FYI) and i don't think that much bad thoughts about my parents nowadays. hahaha 
though i'm still a little tardy, and too pro a procrastinator, deep down, i'm still a sweet little angel. *ahem. 

oh and i've learnt things too. like how powerful words are.
sometimes, we say things that hurt people. but sometimes, a simple sorry doesn't fix everything. the wound is still there whether you want to accept the fact or not. 

sometimes we cry, because we feel hurt. hurt by the words thrown at us, or words we wish to hear, but remained unspoken. sometimes all we need is a simple "i believe in you", or "if there's one thing a bitch like you can do, it's this". 
friendship. supporting your friend til the end. i want that. it's that too much to ask from you? 


enough with this emo shit. time for some promotion. haha 
i've been seeing this ad on my blog for the past few days. it's about the Nokia X3 Touch and Type. it comes in pink!! HOT PINK!!! OMG 

so of course I went to google more realistic pictures of it. and wow wow wow.. it's even gorgeous compared to the pictures. :3 

see how the pink in this picture is slightly purple/violet? 

here's how it looks like in real life: (not that i've actually seen the real thing - the power of Google, people.)

ah ah ah ah ah. i LOVE THIS SHADE OF PINK IT IS GORGEOUS!!!! :\ 
it's called Nokia X3 Touch and Type because it's touchscreen AND comes with keypad. haha I watched the video and at the end, the guy said "that's what I love about the Nokia X3 Touch and Type. It uses what's always been around, and turns it into something new."
more importantly, it has a 5mp camera and costs around rm700? (website based) 
most importantly, IT IS PINK. PINK PINK PINK. HOT PINK
ok lah i think i better start studying now so I can ace my test and demand my dad buy this for me. lololol 


another thing is, tumblr is seriously fun. i guess i pretty much learnt a lot from there as well. so many quotes, funny stuffz. mostly humour. plus I try to type in proper english now cause most of the people there are ang moh's and i feel that they don't understand all my 'weiiiii' 'lahhhh' and all those slangs. haha. all i can say is, their english is too pro! :\ 

oops did I forget to mention that tumblr provides me with my daily dose of cute guys as well? <3 
am gonna love tumblr til the day I ____ :) 

so yeah, before I end this super long post, some nice pics from tumblr. wonder how many people will join tumblr after reading this. haha :P 
OH, stay tuned for the hot guy at the end of the post. ;DDDDD 
I declare him the hottest cute guy in tumblr thus far. ;] 

okokok the hottieeeee. ---- Eduardo Surita. whoever you are, you're gorgeous. 

yay? actually there's one more picture of him. i'll try to dig for it. 

THIS. <3 

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