Monday, November 29, 2010


Christmas. Christmas. that's all I can think about. attended a Christmas party last night at Imperial Palace. everyone was so well dressed in the Filipino traditional dress with gigantic shoulder pads. :O

I love Christmas. I adore Christmas. my dream is to have a white christmas, but I doubt that'll happen anytime soon seeing as how it doesn't snow in Malaysia :(

had lunch with da jie, KC, CY, ah Wee, Wilson and KC's friend yesterday. after that, went to pick my brother and had a good talk with Wee at my place. Thursday, watched Rapunzel with Doreen and Sanjeet. I LOVE THE MOVIE! somehow it made me long for a fairy tale and prince charming wtf. seriously, if you haven't watched it go watch it now! buy a dvd, watch it in the cinema, anything! :D

Wednesday night, Terrence chia-ed us Pizza Hut and we watched Harry Potter after that. the movie was not bad, too bad Tom Felton (Malfoy) had little screen time. :\ boohooo. and i don't know whether this is a good thing or not, but Terrence didn't changed one bit. oh his hair grew thicker i guess. other than that, everything is same. still as much an asshole as he used to be. ahem.

okay.. i think that's it for this post. it was originally quite long, but i deleted all the negative stuffs. haha. it's Christmas and i don't want to ruin a good decent blog post with all those unnecessary crap. :)

so, enjoy the pics. not in order because i'm so-o-o lazy.

looking good, KC. :D
my bro showing off his rm10 and Toblerone which he got from the party. hahaha

lutong porridge yum yumm. i didn't went for breakfast but still. yum yum. *licks lip*


group pic at Summit Cafe

goofing off at Starbuck, Doreen looks extremely good here. haha

the three blind mice miss. LOL

nasi lemak :9

nobody messes with the Melo. get it? (i look like a big boss here wtf wtf :D)

awww sweet as always. haha

All Time Low's biggest fan

sorry but i'm about to spam you with tonnes of Rapunzel pictures. LOL
oh did I mention the guy in the show is like, super hot? even if he is just a cartoon character. :O

look at that faceeeeeeee. :3

oh and the chameleon is very cute too!

Rapunzel :D
the smoulder. LMAO!

i totally teared up at this part. where they duet a song here. omggggg cry cry cry. LOL!

(Sanjeet and I) Our dream man.

handsome boy. hahaha

I LOVE THIS!!! no idea what it's called but still. mouth watering.

ham! LOL
Santa!! :D

Bong Bong. haha cuteee

okayyyy no more pics. gonna give my brothers tuition now. that's my job for the month of December. haha

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