Friday, November 19, 2010

holidays yay

you like muh hair? :D
i think i look good in white. rofl. :)

well, it's the holidays for me. 3 friggin months of doing nothing. hahaha oh me oh my. doesn't that sound fantastic? it's Friday today. and Susan's coming back tonight i suppose. wahaha Karen babe's coming back soon, though i'm not sure when. oh and the picture of me above ^ is like so disturbing. wtf. i PS-ed too much, even my nose bridge is gone. HAHA and my face color is totally uneven. but i'm lazy to change it so yeah what evvs.

to make up for that, i did photoshop gorgeous pics of Bryan and Carrie! :D
check check check it out~

 sui bo? :D

okay the following pics are not edited.
had roti kosong at some malay shop with awhyo the other day. then Dessert Master after! haha
it was a full day. yum yum tonnes of food. woots

 wonder who's sexy chest this belongs to.

 that's PL flirting with the cashier. hahaha

Mango Sago. yum yumm. shared this with my laopo. (erm, my laopo is so not the dude in the pic k? -.-)  update on Dessert Master available in the food blog. :D

haha yay i like this pic. can't wait for you guys to get back so we can shop together, just like old times :)

now for the young hotties: 

 little bro. haha avoiding the camera ei?

 had dinner at Miri Cafe with the family the other night. update of the food available in the food blog as well. haha okay i should really stop promoting our food blog xD 
it was to celebrate my #2 brother's 6A's in UPSR :D
time flies doesn't it? he's going to secondary already. so soon. :')

haha cutie at the pujut 2 abc store. :D

 party at AC's house ze other day. :) don't we look lovely? haha

i think i look nice in these two hair colors. ROFL. okay more to the left lah. the right one is too... bright. only ang moh's can pull it off :S

neways, i used the red pink one as msn dp and told Bobby that i dyed my hair. and he actually believed it! or so i thought -.-
turns out he knew it was fake but played along anyways. what the heck. the fooler was fooled. :(

i'm having really bad skin nowadays. i've became darker, no idea why. i've been at home for one whole week studying my ass off. ahem. sort of. but still, how did i become darker? :\ i needs some SKII. hahaha :D

but that's good too. you guys won't have to squint at the sight of my camwhore photos. haha win win situation, no?


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