Monday, November 1, 2010


the weather's been a bitch the past few days. hot, then cold, and hot again. seriously, make up your mind on whether you want to rain or shine! it's confusing and made my pimples grow. 

and what really pisses me off, is that i can't seem to find a time to wash my damn car. it's either too hot, or raining. the perfect example would be Saturday. the weather was lovely in the morning - no sun, no rain, clear sky, the perfect time to wash your car, or so I thought.

I took the cloth out, and just as I did, the sun came out. WTF. it's like so damn hot just like normal days in Miri, (which FYI, is VERY HOT). I was like, "come on?! I can't be that unlucky?". so I continued to walk out of the house but was stopped by dad. he thought I was crazy wanting to wash the car when it's so hot. LOL! so fine, i told myself I'd wash my car in the afternoon.


however, as I was driving back home, i noticed something strange. there were dark clouds at my area then the other area is like, clear blue sky. KNS!!!!

see! this is proof that I didn't made that up. it was already raining by the time i reached the traffic light. shitty much. my plan to wash the car failed once again. 

 sunlight on the other side!!! :(
at that time I was like......

then when I reached home, dad was outside cleaning the house cause he had guests arriving that night. so I told him about this morning and how it rained so suddenly as if wanting me to not wash my car.

me: whyyyy??????? why like that one?
dad: you know why? because you're lazy. *laughs*


those words of wisdom, NOT! struck me hard. and I decided that I shan't let the weather decide what I can and cannot do. 


and so I did.


Felicity said...

HAHAHA the last sentence and last photo.. so ngam.

MeLo♥ said...

hahaha the things i learn from Tumblr :P