Wednesday, November 24, 2010

want need want need WANT!

one more month til Christmas! i simply can't wait. :D
and what would Christmas be without a Christmas wishlist? hahaha just joking. honestly all the things on my list are too expensive. so instead of calling it my Christmas wishlist, i'm gonna name it my 'things-I-will-buy-when-I-become-a-filthy-rich-engineer list'. ;)

first off. something I not only want, but need.

#1 A Hair Dryer.

 yes, i am a nineteen year old girl without a hair dryer. fml gao gao. LOL! *hides face in shame*
also, I need the circle thingy that you attach to the hair dryer for curly hair one. O_O i have no idea what's it called. but I know how it looks like so I guess that'll do. :P

#2 ZA's Two Way Foundation

seriously, even if i don't use the foundation, just owning this case would make my day. xD
it comes in pink mind you. ughh and it's so shiny. T.T

promoted by the one and only @Xiaxue. main reason i want it. haha :P

#3 Gel Liner

been wanting this kind of eyeliner for quite a while now. :>
hopefully can buy one soon! (any suggestion on a good brand? waterproof pleasee)

using Maybelline's gel liner now. damn love it :)) 

#4 Shopping Bag 

both bags are from minimaos. the hello kitty one isn't that nice, but it's hello kitty so i want it!! but thankfully it's out of stock now. LOLOL more reason for me to get the silver one. hahaha. and i realize I like bags with this kind of design. almost all my bags are like that -0-
weirdo much.


urm, now for the slightly out of reach things my heart longs and aches for. :3

#5 either iphone 4 or BlackBerry 9700 

they're both to die for. no idea which i'm gonna go for but i'd probably only be able to afford when i'm working (assuming that I successfully pass my 3 more years of hell in Curtin). or perhaps i'd get lucky and somehow persuade my dear daddy to buy one for me. whichever comes first ^-^

#6 Hello Kitty Diamond Necklace 

this is designed by Kimora Lee Simmons. i think. so yeah no doubt it'll cost a fortune i'm just putting it up here for the sake of making my wishlist seem more classy. HAHAHA.

i don't know what's this for but i want it!!

#7 My Dream Car ...... 

i want i want i want! :D

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