Wednesday, November 10, 2010

oh boy what flavour?!

oh my gosh. this gif is so cute i can stare at it all day and just.... laugh. hahaha
it's like.. their mouths. they talk so fast. okay i needa chill. i'm laughing like an asshole right now. rofl.

damn it's Wednesday already. hahahaha. how did that happen? finals is in less than a week. and i'm not even halfway through my revision studies. ughh. tomorrow will be more productive. i promise :)

i doubt i'll get to study today. let today be an off day for myself. :D shall study a few slides tonight. cos i'm off to Sanjeet's house in a while, then tennis at 6pm, dinner with awhyo (probably) and last but not least, movie with musketeers. rofl. my life is so happening. ha ha.

oh and did I mention i finally made a bank account? yay for me! :] the process was kinda funny and confusing. the guy told me that the minimum was rm250 but I only had rm60 with me. so I was like "isn't the minimum rm20??" and he looked confused too -_-

but in the end all was well because hell yeah i've got a bank account! :D let's just hope i'll be putting money in more than taking out money. -___-


okayy gonna get ready now. Doreen's at Sanjeet's house already and she won't stop harassing me on FB saying stuff like "suck ma dick bitch".
please, as if her dick's longer than mine. *rolls eyes*

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Circumstances alter cases.