Sunday, November 21, 2010

we're always wanting more.

an update... to cover up the hideous photoshop pictures in my previous post. haha neways, seems like my skin is getting better. with all the extra sleep i'm having nowadays. :D (holidays wahaha)

had steamboat at Katty's house last night. went to Boulevard during lunchtime to buy the ingredients. since we were there, decided to try interview for the PC fair. who knew, the guy gave us brochures and asked us to research on the printers function blah blah then come back the next day for a second interview. that's fine by me except the fact that other people came and they didn't have to learn all that shit. face problem :(

today kinda sucks. all these tears keep falling, its been awhile since i cried. not for a guy, don't worry. LOL! family problems again. feel so frustrated at my parents sometimes. like my dad, for example. i just don't get it. have we no feelings? do we not feel hurt when you tell to our face that you rather have only two children (two little bros) instead of four. because we're so hard headed etc etc etc. oh my gosh. i've heard enough. seriously. all these pricks from your words. maybe you don't realize it. maybe we really are worthless in your eyes. sigh. 哭过就好

and then there's the problem of not-having-enough-money-to-use-during-the-long-holidays. argh. it's not easy, finding a job. how i wish there's a typing job. haha. i'd like that. :P  

and sorry to my dear Awhyo. :(
still haven't met up with Susan and Karen. hais hais. plus tonight's supposed to be Noorul's party. and i can't make it because my dear daddy decided to ground us. threatening us to bring our clothes with us if ever we dare step out of the house today. see how hard things are for me?

okay no more sad thoughts. pictures :) 

 look at their faces. hahahaha Wee so hungry hor. wahaha

look at my hamster!!!! :D :D :D
one of the things that makes me happy :)

ahhhh i remember once none of us bothered feeding and all the hamsters got so thin. :( it really hurt seeing them lose so much weight! but after a few days of intensive care, they grew fat again. hehe. and i placed back the hamster wheel, but they're too lazy to figure out how to use it. :P
once was even funnier. i went to check up on them, and the Bean Bean lookalike one (points up) and another white hamster were stuck inside the house. HAHAHA
so they were like facing each other, and so close. and the look on their face was as if i caught them both in bed. ROFL. and it's funny cause they're both males!!! :P :P :P

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