Wednesday, November 17, 2010

written last night.

what is this feeling? insecurities? i feel it slowly eating me up, swallowing me whole. i don't feel so good. where did my energy go to? what have i been doing all day? no studying done whatsoever. Electrical Systems. honestly, i am clueless about this subject. failed my midterm, horribly. now, i can't even be bothered to study? what am i thinking? clearly i'm not thinking. i guess my mind's preoccupied with the fact that the holidays are coming!

blargh. holidays? i don't got no money to last me 3 months. that's the fact. i need to work. but i don't know where. another problem. sigh. and something's wrong with the internet connection in my area. NO CONNECTION SINCE AFTERNOON. ughh bloody hell. no wonder i'm cranky.

i played piano for ages. playing every music note that i've printed in the past but never bothered to play. and man, I've improved a lot cause most of the songs i wasn't able to play back then, i am able to play now. :D finally something to rejoice in. not only that, i also tried playing Jay Chou's shuo le zai jian. and shuo hao de xing fu ne? emo songs, just to my liking. i guess that's why i'm feeling emo now. *smacks forehead*

I MISS YOU! so friggin' much i don't even know why. doubt i'll be seeing you Thursday, which is the last day of me going to Curtin. but Miri is small, i just might bump into you maybe once, in the course of three months FML. so yeah, Melo is sad. :C

super duper FML kind of sad. i really wish to see your face, and see you smile at me. is that too much to ask for?

but if I had to choose between seeing you or passing my ES, I'd definitely choose the later, just saying.

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