Saturday, April 30, 2011


yay Starbucks going at 1/2 price. but i went straight to the loo after awhile. no joke. '
but it was hilarious. hahaha ;)

 sing k at WaterFront ;DD

 i look old in this pic -.-

ahhh. life's been good lately. except work. i feel like i'm being paid to stand the whole day. -___- why do i suck so much at selling things? sigh :c

but i need the money. so yea.. hang in there Melo. and i noticed i've been talking to myself (in my blog posts) a lot lately. can shoot myself already. just saying.

i've nothing to blog about. (you can stop reading now) probably a few things here and there that i just need to let out. today was okayy. could've been worse? firstly, the working place wasn't at Parkson, it's at imperial instead. so i have no lunch buddy! Wee's working at Parkson. darn it. but thankfully, i had two other leng lui lunch buddies. :) they're friendly. ahaha. didn't sell anything today. met some weird customers, and some nice ones :> indecisive ones? and the ones with never ending questions. blah.. stood for so long today. my legs hurt :( but good news is that i had wonderful friends who were waiting for me when work ended :) <3 had Dessert ice cream, then headed to Waterfront to sing k, again. :D special part? bro joined us. LOL! never knew this would happen in like, a kazillion years. :o :o neways, he joined cause him and dad went to a wedding before that. and apparently, dad was slightly drunk and he decided to sing at the wedding. LOL so my bro drove off with his car and met with us. it was fun fun fun. and when we went back to pick him at Grand Palace, he was so happy and high. drunk much! and he's like:"I was the star singer at the wedding!" --- TROLOLOL. okie dad you are funny. haha! and then he's all hyper jolly asking so where have you two been? (still smiling which is just plain weirddddd) hehehehe. then he repeated the part of him being the star singer. then asked what i was doing the whole day. hello? i was working lehhh daddy -___- long story short, he was drunk. wtf and i kinda like drunk daddy. muahahahaa why am i squeezing so many words into a paragraph? i guess it's cause i don't want people to read every single word. hahaha. sigh. i'm hyper. but then the next minute i can go from hyper to just... sad. i don't know why i'm sad. i want to get married. hahaha! :) just a thought okay. i mean, who doesn't? i do. :( but where is my groom? huh huh huh huh huh?! sigh. and i need to wipe that smile from my head. i keep day dreaming while working it's so damn distracting. stupid smile. wtf wtf. slap out of it. haiy. suddenly miss Wee. dunno why. hahahahaha. okie. if she reads this, she'll surely be saying "醒了没有!?"


Friday, April 29, 2011


Running, running, running just as fast as I can.
Trying to be your everything man.
You want me to want you, but not every day.
You want me to beg when there is nothing to say.
You want me all edgy but there’s always a hitch.
I have to stay loyal when you act like a bitch.
You want toughness & sweetness & softness & meanness.
Wanna make me the master of this in-betweenness…

Running, running, running just as fast as I can.
Trying to be your everything man.
Please be my-
You know I’m going to try.
I can be your everything man.
He’s going to be my everything man.

-Cougar Town-


i love this show :> 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Maybe nice guys finish last, but in the race they’re running they’re chasing after the whores and the sluts and the easy-targets… the nice girls are waiting at the finish line with water and towels and a congratulatory hug (and yes, if she’s a nice girl and she likes you, the sweatiness probably won’t matter), hoping against hope that maybe you’ll realize that they’re the ones that you want at the end of that silly race.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Jacq, Me, and Jessica. :)

 ahh. once again, i feel so so blessed, up to the point where i feel undeserving of all these good. i love it when people think of me when they see things that i love. -- pink stuffs, Argentina!, and most of all ~~~ Hello Kitty! :D yes people. i appreciate each and every one of your 'xin yi'. hehe. i love this feeling to the max. cancelling out all the negative things i was gonna include in this post, just let those thoughts be gone.

i love you guys so so much and i will learn to give more instead of just receiving receiving and receiving. much love, xoxoxoxooxooooxoxooxox <3

end with a pic of me with Ian, from.... wait for it....! :D :D :D :D

so shiok please. Wee, Bobby and I were working for Celcom at the Sports Village, there was some dancing event held there. apparently it was quite big a function cause Ian was there too, along with some important-looking TV crew. *awe-some*
somehow, he just looked like a star. quite good looking too, and buff, and and and. okay i should probably stop oogling over the guy. he didn't even ask me for my number. HAHA!

we suspected he was sort of a celebrity but wasn't sure, til we heard someone call him Ian. and we're like, Ian?! from one of our leaders nod and we googled to confirm. LMAO!

on the other hand, YAY couple tee. HAHAHA <3

the little things

push away the sadness, cast away the pain.
it's really nice seeing those lovely comments. i should be emo once in a while :p 

(just a little something to push the old post away. Melo no more emo. :D)

Leave me Lord depart depart. Come not near so vile a heart. No forgive the foolish cry, for without you Lord i die.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

one of those days?


i guess it's just one of those days, where nothing seems to turn out right. everything's messed up, and no matter how much i laugh and laugh and just try to be happy, i find myself wandering off, with a frown on my face, and realize, that i'm still not okay.

what is this feeling? i've never felt so much hatred in me. i wake up, feeling empty. what am i living for? nothing. whispers the voice in my head. i push that thought away. i have so much to live for. my family. my friends. God.

family? i feel myself growing distant again. i can't stand being in the same room with them. i don't like the conversations going on (mostly nagging anyways). that's why i tend to steer away. i don't want to converse with them.

it's been days living like this. waking up, once again feeling pointless. i'm still tired but i don't feel like sleeping anymore. but then, i don't feel like waking up either. what am i to do if i wake up? eat my breakfast? yeah, but after that? what? TV? yeah, good good. online? yeah that's nice. until everything online gets boring. and i'm left with nothing to do. nothing to occupy my mind.

i kinda like this feeling. hiding in my house, in my own space. not letting anyone see me, see how sad i am. how clueless i am. absorbing my lifeless soul into television series one after another. drowning myself in games. distracting myself from what i should really be doing -- studying. mid term tomorrow Melo, have you forgotten? no no, i do remember. i'm just in no mood for studying.

this thought occurred to me last night: why is God so unfair? He gave me so much. loving family. three brothers who colored my life, (like a crayon painting y'know. messy, but still, beautiful.) He gave me wealth, wisdom (which i haven't been putting to good use). A nice house to live in. food. everything. everything is provided. but, BUT, why did He give me an ungrateful heart? why did He made everyone around me, so much better off? yes, that is honestly what i think. and i can't help but compare. yes my life is better  than so many others, but .. it's just so obvious how selfish and ungrateful i am.

and as selfish as this sounds, i don't want to talk about what's happening to me. because i know nobody's going through what i'm going through. everyone around me is happy. if i tell them, they would judge. as selfish as it sounds, i want somebody who's in a way worse situation than i am, so that i can listen, and feel better about my life. yes, i am that selfish. i can't even look at myself. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011


the smoulder. HAHAHA!

i've been such a camwhore lately. wuahaha. i'm too bored. and i usually get bored when i have tonnes to do. weird right? :|

anyways, everyone's been going on and on about the election. like, what's the big deal? you support that team, i don't agree, so? must you make such a fuss out of it? and what's even more annoying, is people who support a certain side just to fit in. hmm. idiot, that's definitely one word to describe you.

there's another thing that's been bothering me. maybe it's just me being paranoid and all, but i really don't like this situation. i cringe at the thought of it. eew much? never the mind. some things are better left unsaid.

i think i'm just pissed at everything due to my lack of money nowadays. yeah, that's probably it. girl needs her money ya know.

okay random pics to end the post:

 socks from Jacq's dad. hahaha

 glittering blue my ass. it looks green!

 James Maslow <333

 Big Time Rush! :3
poster from my babeh Doreen wahaha.

 too school for cool? :C

 i like this pic :)

 i'm on BN's side. what about you?

Chemistry test on Thurs! i'm really worried. i was never good at Chemistry. :/ how 'wise' of me to opt for Chemical Engineering when I suck at Chemistry. nice move, Melo. NOT!

and this morning i woke up, and somehow i felt clueless. like my life is pointless, like i have nothing to live for. WTF SO MELODRAMATIC. (is that considered a pun?? ;D)


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

just another sad love song








女: “'我不愛你'啊“


女: “.....“

男: “不是開玩笑..我是真的很愛你

awww. it's these fairy-tale-like love stories that makes us girls swoon. don't you deny it. i do believe deep down every girl has a soft spot for romantic love stories.

but guess what, it ain't gonna happen. call me a realist, but there's just not much good guys out there anymore. it's called a fairy-tale love story for a reason. blargh.

Friday, April 8, 2011

oh na na what's my name?

HAHAHA i find this pic funny. so funny that i made it my tumblr blog pic. :D

it's a beautiful night, we're looking for something fun dumb to do. hey baby, i think i wanna marry you. 

"you think?? you only think you wanna marry me?!" *SLAP*

haha okayy i'm kinda high now. :>
wait, i had tonnes to blog about just now, what happened?! my mind is blank now. >:( 
i guess this'll be another pointless post. wuahaha. 

okay. a picture of my left eye. have i mentioned how much i love my left eye??
yes, only my left 'cause my right eye can be a bitch at times.
on good days, my left eye's double eye lid will be more obvious like the picture above, and if i draw eyeliner it'll be like, PERFECT. wahaha <3 
sadly this never happens for my right eye. bleh just spamming teehee ;] 

say bye bye to my pink contacts. :C 
i hate my right eye. (left in the pic) shitz. double eye lid (on right eye) why you no obvious? 



Tuesday, April 5, 2011


so i watched Ugly Betty today. loved today's episode - "All the World's a Stage".

firstly, there's this guy in the show named Zachary Boule. (sexy name now ain't it? ;))

 so he shows up and I almost choked. he's so attractive I can't look away. i tried to but just couldn't. even Betty was all over him. and when he talks, you can't focus, at all. he's just so mesmerizing. hahahaha. thank you daddy for the HD TV :D 

ughh this picture does him no justice! watch the episode and you'll know the definition of HAWT.

okay, funny part of the show. Betty persuades Daniel her boss to let her interview the guy (he's a famous script writer or something). Daniel finally agrees, knowing very well that Betty has an obvious crush on the guy.

Zachary talked about living in the moment and blablah and Betty kissed him! hoho

then the next day at work, she day dreamed and her boss caught her daydreaming. HAHAHA FUNNY!

he teased her saying
"so... how was your little 'thing' last night."

Betty: "it wasn't a 'thing'. it was a professional interview."

--Zachary enters--

"hi Betty, I would like to talk about our 'thing' last night.

Daniel smirked and wispered to Betty,
"he called it a 'thing'."

i LOL-ed so hard here. wuahaha

yes her boss is hot too. 

another funny part was when her boss caught her kissing the dude and pretended to be angry. scaring her saying that she might lose her journalism licence. haha. funny. i secretly think they make a cute couple. :>

and did you know, ^ this guy stared in Gossip Girl too?!

he's Nate's cousin who ran for president(?) and dated Serena for awhile. cheating scumbag he was there.

                i don't know about you, but i totally prefer him WITH facial hair and nerdy specs. :)


since we're on the celebrity topic, i might as well introduce my new celebrity crush! hahaha
his name is James Maslow and i 'met' him on Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush. <3

 look at his face. <3

 and that smile, and those guns. wooh!

 and his voice is damn sexy.
i have to admit i thought with a face this good he won't be able to sing. but he surpass expectations. haha :)

 tall. 6feet babyyy :D

 "I used to be horizontally challenged."
he used to be chubby. but look how hot he is now. tskk

 seriously though, THAT SMILE!!!!

 and his features are so girlish. long lashes, big eyes. thick hair, rosy cheeks. haha. but his guns will scare you. hotness to the max!

what i love most about him?

definitely his goofy attitude on the show. :D


perfection. does it even exist? 

Friday, April 1, 2011

what are words?

reading back on my old posts really made me laugh.

the way i used to blog, with all those act cute phrases/words, made me cringe. LOL!! and i could tell i was madly in love infatuated with that guy from MapleStory. rofl. but reading back I know it wasn't real. for all I know he might be a fat old man, with this humongous beer belly and disgusting chest hair. eew.

it's things like these that make me feel thankful that i made a blog. if it wasn't for this blog, i wouldn't even remember all that happened before. i can't read back on my posts and think: "oh my, how much have i grown." etc etc. so all in all, i'm kinda embarrassed by how the old me used to blog, but i'm not going to deny my past. it's part of who i am. and well, let's just say i'm grateful my writing has improved.. tremendously. :D