Saturday, April 23, 2011


Jacq, Me, and Jessica. :)

 ahh. once again, i feel so so blessed, up to the point where i feel undeserving of all these good. i love it when people think of me when they see things that i love. -- pink stuffs, Argentina!, and most of all ~~~ Hello Kitty! :D yes people. i appreciate each and every one of your 'xin yi'. hehe. i love this feeling to the max. cancelling out all the negative things i was gonna include in this post, just let those thoughts be gone.

i love you guys so so much and i will learn to give more instead of just receiving receiving and receiving. much love, xoxoxoxooxooooxoxooxox <3

end with a pic of me with Ian, from.... wait for it....! :D :D :D :D

so shiok please. Wee, Bobby and I were working for Celcom at the Sports Village, there was some dancing event held there. apparently it was quite big a function cause Ian was there too, along with some important-looking TV crew. *awe-some*
somehow, he just looked like a star. quite good looking too, and buff, and and and. okay i should probably stop oogling over the guy. he didn't even ask me for my number. HAHA!

we suspected he was sort of a celebrity but wasn't sure, til we heard someone call him Ian. and we're like, Ian?! from one of our leaders nod and we googled to confirm. LMAO!

on the other hand, YAY couple tee. HAHAHA <3


The Writer said...

IAN??? OMGEEEEE. didnt know u work for maxis lerr. and where is ur chat box!!! can't see it still. :((((

MeLo♥ said...

is Celcom lah ai ren. har.. my chatbox at the side wor.. :| Why you can't see? D;

MeLo♥ said...

and Ian so eng tao. HAHAHAHAHAHA :D

Anonymous said...

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