Saturday, April 16, 2011


the smoulder. HAHAHA!

i've been such a camwhore lately. wuahaha. i'm too bored. and i usually get bored when i have tonnes to do. weird right? :|

anyways, everyone's been going on and on about the election. like, what's the big deal? you support that team, i don't agree, so? must you make such a fuss out of it? and what's even more annoying, is people who support a certain side just to fit in. hmm. idiot, that's definitely one word to describe you.

there's another thing that's been bothering me. maybe it's just me being paranoid and all, but i really don't like this situation. i cringe at the thought of it. eew much? never the mind. some things are better left unsaid.

i think i'm just pissed at everything due to my lack of money nowadays. yeah, that's probably it. girl needs her money ya know.

okay random pics to end the post:

 socks from Jacq's dad. hahaha

 glittering blue my ass. it looks green!

 James Maslow <333

 Big Time Rush! :3
poster from my babeh Doreen wahaha.

 too school for cool? :C

 i like this pic :)

 i'm on BN's side. what about you?

Chemistry test on Thurs! i'm really worried. i was never good at Chemistry. :/ how 'wise' of me to opt for Chemical Engineering when I suck at Chemistry. nice move, Melo. NOT!

and this morning i woke up, and somehow i felt clueless. like my life is pointless, like i have nothing to live for. WTF SO MELODRAMATIC. (is that considered a pun?? ;D)


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