Saturday, April 30, 2011


yay Starbucks going at 1/2 price. but i went straight to the loo after awhile. no joke. '
but it was hilarious. hahaha ;)

 sing k at WaterFront ;DD

 i look old in this pic -.-

ahhh. life's been good lately. except work. i feel like i'm being paid to stand the whole day. -___- why do i suck so much at selling things? sigh :c

but i need the money. so yea.. hang in there Melo. and i noticed i've been talking to myself (in my blog posts) a lot lately. can shoot myself already. just saying.

i've nothing to blog about. (you can stop reading now) probably a few things here and there that i just need to let out. today was okayy. could've been worse? firstly, the working place wasn't at Parkson, it's at imperial instead. so i have no lunch buddy! Wee's working at Parkson. darn it. but thankfully, i had two other leng lui lunch buddies. :) they're friendly. ahaha. didn't sell anything today. met some weird customers, and some nice ones :> indecisive ones? and the ones with never ending questions. blah.. stood for so long today. my legs hurt :( but good news is that i had wonderful friends who were waiting for me when work ended :) <3 had Dessert ice cream, then headed to Waterfront to sing k, again. :D special part? bro joined us. LOL! never knew this would happen in like, a kazillion years. :o :o neways, he joined cause him and dad went to a wedding before that. and apparently, dad was slightly drunk and he decided to sing at the wedding. LOL so my bro drove off with his car and met with us. it was fun fun fun. and when we went back to pick him at Grand Palace, he was so happy and high. drunk much! and he's like:"I was the star singer at the wedding!" --- TROLOLOL. okie dad you are funny. haha! and then he's all hyper jolly asking so where have you two been? (still smiling which is just plain weirddddd) hehehehe. then he repeated the part of him being the star singer. then asked what i was doing the whole day. hello? i was working lehhh daddy -___- long story short, he was drunk. wtf and i kinda like drunk daddy. muahahahaa why am i squeezing so many words into a paragraph? i guess it's cause i don't want people to read every single word. hahaha. sigh. i'm hyper. but then the next minute i can go from hyper to just... sad. i don't know why i'm sad. i want to get married. hahaha! :) just a thought okay. i mean, who doesn't? i do. :( but where is my groom? huh huh huh huh huh?! sigh. and i need to wipe that smile from my head. i keep day dreaming while working it's so damn distracting. stupid smile. wtf wtf. slap out of it. haiy. suddenly miss Wee. dunno why. hahahahaha. okie. if she reads this, she'll surely be saying "醒了没有!?"


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