Friday, April 8, 2011

oh na na what's my name?

HAHAHA i find this pic funny. so funny that i made it my tumblr blog pic. :D

it's a beautiful night, we're looking for something fun dumb to do. hey baby, i think i wanna marry you. 

"you think?? you only think you wanna marry me?!" *SLAP*

haha okayy i'm kinda high now. :>
wait, i had tonnes to blog about just now, what happened?! my mind is blank now. >:( 
i guess this'll be another pointless post. wuahaha. 

okay. a picture of my left eye. have i mentioned how much i love my left eye??
yes, only my left 'cause my right eye can be a bitch at times.
on good days, my left eye's double eye lid will be more obvious like the picture above, and if i draw eyeliner it'll be like, PERFECT. wahaha <3 
sadly this never happens for my right eye. bleh just spamming teehee ;] 

say bye bye to my pink contacts. :C 
i hate my right eye. (left in the pic) shitz. double eye lid (on right eye) why you no obvious? 



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