Friday, April 1, 2011

what are words?

reading back on my old posts really made me laugh.

the way i used to blog, with all those act cute phrases/words, made me cringe. LOL!! and i could tell i was madly in love infatuated with that guy from MapleStory. rofl. but reading back I know it wasn't real. for all I know he might be a fat old man, with this humongous beer belly and disgusting chest hair. eew.

it's things like these that make me feel thankful that i made a blog. if it wasn't for this blog, i wouldn't even remember all that happened before. i can't read back on my posts and think: "oh my, how much have i grown." etc etc. so all in all, i'm kinda embarrassed by how the old me used to blog, but i'm not going to deny my past. it's part of who i am. and well, let's just say i'm grateful my writing has improved.. tremendously. :D

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