Tuesday, March 29, 2011

story of my life

every time there's a test coming up,

i'm like...
who needs study?
exam's still so far away. (when in fact, there's only two weeks left)

look at them others studying their asses off.

imma start next week. there's still lots of time.

then in school, everyone's talking about the exams, discussing 'things' you've never in your life heard of.

you push those thoughts of studying away, telling yourself that it is still too early to start. your table's a mess, you don't know where to begin. oh but look, someone updated their blog...

and by the time you know it, it's the end of the day.

few days before the exam, you finally settle down to study. you look at the clock and made a mental note to yourself: "I WILL STUDY AT 3PM! NO MORE PROCRASTINATING!"

blah, so 4pm you took out your books, and BANG!, all of a sudden you can't stop yawning.

a short nap it is then. we all know you can't remember anything when you're tired, right?

mum wakes you up for dinner, and you're like "I slept THAT long??"
but you still feel tired as hell .,

how to study liddat??

so you decide to delay your studying for one day. get a good night's rest and start the next.

the next day, somehow, tonnes of distractions came up. you had to do this, and that. blah blah blah.

finally it's the day before exams. you're still not in the studying mood but what choice do you have? it's either study or DIE.

study it is then!

so you take out your books, start studying. after a while, you noticed that you've made progress, and you're like

oh yeah baby i'm doing it, i'm STUDYING!! i am doomed no more.

ooh~ two more chapters to go? how did i suddenly study so fast? *smug*

-this is the part where i slack for the rest of the day thinking that i can do anything, i've finished so many chapters in such short time. i am indestructible two chapters is nothing for me-

blah. how silly of me.


all of the above is true. and i haven't started on the tutorial questions. i bet my reaction would be as follows:

oh dear test please be good to me.

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