Saturday, March 26, 2011


with all that's been happening around the world - earthquakes, tsunami's and whatnot, it's hard not to think that the world is ending soon. the end feels near now, doesn't it? i bet everyone is shivering at the thought of it, because i am. i admit i'm scared. like, how would the end of the world be like? Judgement Day, what would God say about me when He sees me? am I worthy to step into the gates of Heaven? so many thoughts, no answer.

as if these disasters aren't bad enough, another drama surfaces. such a small town like Miri, why would something like this even happen? murder.. i can't help but shiver at the sight of that word.

and with this sad news i saw a link on FB of a girl committing suicide. why? why why why? such a stupid and selfish act. have you ever thought about the people you're leaving behind? your parents, your family, your friends. how would they feel? how would God feel? ungrateful. we are all flawed. and ungratefulness is worse than being ugly. we judge people by their looks, by their wealth, not knowing that what should matter most is the inside. everyone deserves to be love, for we are made out of love.

please people, the world is ending. the evil one is putting us to the test. God's love will prevail. just stay strong, believe, have faith. even when all hope is lost, know that God will always be there for you, as long as you believe. ♥

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