Monday, March 7, 2011

Melo Kitty

yeah man. i love this picture so much! mainly because of my too-pro-to-be-true photoshop skills, and also cause my eyes are actually visible, seeing as this pic is taken using my camera with FLASH on!! :D


believe it or not, i actually overslept just now. woke up at 830pm thus missed the practice. i'm so disappointed with myself. haiy. wonder what the others think of me now, i'm sure they're annoyed.

but other than that, i'm really happy today. Saw a lot of friends which i haven't seen in a long time. Crystal, CY, Tomaytoe, to name a few. yeaa. i'm psyched. school life ain't all that bad after all, other than the studying part. HAH!

on the other hand, i really feel that my babyy Kim Hyung Jun is getting more and more handsome!
yes he's mine! ;)

but he's getting thinner and thinner :/
eat more rest well <3

his brother on the left, ahhh gorgeous as well. (lol i just noticed the girl behind shielding her face)

i have this thing for pale skinned guys aka vampire lookalikes c:  

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