Monday, March 7, 2011

the F word

one pic edited and the other is pure. ahaha note the difference? of course you don't. my face is flawless even without Photoshop.

something pretty exciting happened yesterday.

Dad saw my status on FB, i guess it had too many 'likes' so it lingered in his homepage. urgh. life you're so evil. and all this while i thought my statuses were safe.

so yea, i guess the status wasn't all that bad. though dad wasn't really happy with the word 'shit' which i used in that status.

to make matters worse, in one of the comments i got pissed and hence i replied with the F word. trololol. yea no elaboration required i think everyone knows what happened next. *FATALITY* (read in Ryan Higa's voice)

the whole scene was pretty scary but after a while i guess dad sort of calmed down? but mum still wasn't happy with it. i'm also not happy with the treatment i'm receiving from her.

after that incident she told me i'm not worthy of being intercessor and pianist for the church. what a shame, she said. and this morning i returned the keyboard to Jacq cause she needed it, mum thought i resigned from playing piano.

mum: how did you tell them you resigned from playing the piano?
me: i didn't resign. O_O

she said something after that but i forgot. but seems to me that she still thinks i shouldn't be playing.

in all honesty, i don't think she has the right to say that to me. i thought God made us all the same. We are all born with imperfections. yes i swear a lot, i do lots and lots of bad things. but God gave me a gift and i don't think you can tell me whether or not to use it. I'm happy playing the piano, it gives me joy plus i love hanging out with the choir people + prayer meeting group.

not worthy? how many of us are without sin? i bet not one person is, except for God. as unworthy as I am, i know that God still loves me and will always welcome me back with open arms, no matter how far i've strayed.

thanks Jacq for talking some sense into me. haha
too bad i've already sent an email to the guy in charge of the intercessor. you have no idea what i wrote in the email. blargh but it's already sent so yeah, no turning back.

and believe it or not... it's 12AM now and i haven't touched any of my tutorials. :C
i guess some things never change. *SIGH

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