Monday, March 21, 2011

big guns!!

wooooo. is my rosary gorgeous or what? ;D

bought it during the Women's Conference. ahaha.

yayy so happy lately. keep on buying buying buying. haha woots
so yea i'm kinda broke now. but happy. \m/

 new glasses!! :D

free gift somemore. no regrets man.
okay lah the free gift was an excuse. even if i regretted buying there's nothing i can do about it right? D:
so might as well rejoice. ^-^

 Elmo shirt!!!
Jac and I, we found this shop in Mega. hehheehe selling not bad shirts at affordable prices. :D


Wee brought us to try out a special place's Laksa. not bad not bad. though it cost us RM6. hmmm but still, not bad. will update in foodblog later :D

and guess who decided to follow us?

yucks. i have goosebumps looking at this thing. eeewww i hate insects/crocodiles/lizards/snakes yea you get the picture.

after that, we even went to Taman Bayshore for some sightseeing. haha

ugh i want to live here can? okayy maybe design my own mansion at Prima Villa better. wuahaha

okayy last but not least, my hamsters gave birth! not sure whether i've mentioned it here in my blog before. hehe but yeahh they did. :]

 stilll young. ;D can't wait for them to grow big woot woot. hamster anyone?

you two are adorable <3


a few things i realized about myself: 

1. i like roses. especially red ones. ahaha
2. i can't resist guys with big guns. i tend to stare a lot WTF. but then again, who doesn't? ;) 

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