Tuesday, April 5, 2011


so i watched Ugly Betty today. loved today's episode - "All the World's a Stage".

firstly, there's this guy in the show named Zachary Boule. (sexy name now ain't it? ;))

 so he shows up and I almost choked. he's so attractive I can't look away. i tried to but just couldn't. even Betty was all over him. and when he talks, you can't focus, at all. he's just so mesmerizing. hahahaha. thank you daddy for the HD TV :D 

ughh this picture does him no justice! watch the episode and you'll know the definition of HAWT.

okay, funny part of the show. Betty persuades Daniel her boss to let her interview the guy (he's a famous script writer or something). Daniel finally agrees, knowing very well that Betty has an obvious crush on the guy.

Zachary talked about living in the moment and blablah and Betty kissed him! hoho

then the next day at work, she day dreamed and her boss caught her daydreaming. HAHAHA FUNNY!

he teased her saying
"so... how was your little 'thing' last night."

Betty: "it wasn't a 'thing'. it was a professional interview."

--Zachary enters--

"hi Betty, I would like to talk about our 'thing' last night.

Daniel smirked and wispered to Betty,
"he called it a 'thing'."

i LOL-ed so hard here. wuahaha

yes her boss is hot too. 

another funny part was when her boss caught her kissing the dude and pretended to be angry. scaring her saying that she might lose her journalism licence. haha. funny. i secretly think they make a cute couple. :>

and did you know, ^ this guy stared in Gossip Girl too?!

he's Nate's cousin who ran for president(?) and dated Serena for awhile. cheating scumbag he was there.

                i don't know about you, but i totally prefer him WITH facial hair and nerdy specs. :)


since we're on the celebrity topic, i might as well introduce my new celebrity crush! hahaha
his name is James Maslow and i 'met' him on Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush. <3

 look at his face. <3

 and that smile, and those guns. wooh!

 and his voice is damn sexy.
i have to admit i thought with a face this good he won't be able to sing. but he surpass expectations. haha :)

 tall. 6feet babyyy :D

 "I used to be horizontally challenged."
he used to be chubby. but look how hot he is now. tskk

 seriously though, THAT SMILE!!!!

 and his features are so girlish. long lashes, big eyes. thick hair, rosy cheeks. haha. but his guns will scare you. hotness to the max!

what i love most about him?

definitely his goofy attitude on the show. :D

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