Wednesday, May 4, 2011

cloudy with a chance of meatballs

someone demanded that i update my blog. but i don't think that's fair since she never updates hers. *shakes head*


the past few days have been hectic, damn damn tired from standing the whole day. nice feeling though, making so many new friends. at first i didn't really like them, felt they were kinda annoying :s LOL! but after i got to know them, things turned out pretty great. we have fun laughing and fooling around. on our last day, the boss chia-ed us all Kokoberry and we sat on the sofas and chatted away. ahaha. but i think that's as far as it goes, ya know? like, if the road show were to continue on longer, i bet i would've found a few traits of them that i don't really like. maybe they're busybodies? or maybe they're just hypocrites. but for now, since i'm not working anymore, what i'll remember about them are the fun times we had. ahaha and i think that's good. :o

it's not easy to find friends anymore. friends whose bad habits you are well aware of, but still wish to have them in your life. friends who you see once in a while, and yet have lots to talk about. friends. they're important to fill up our empty days. and i'm glad i've found mine. :)

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