Saturday, May 28, 2011

so what's new? xD

new hat! ^-^
 teehee. true to the title *points up*, this post's gonna be about all the new things in me life. :B

been doing some hardcore shopping lately. most of it through online, because i'm just too lazy to get my ass up to shop! yikess.
all the stuff i bought are quite cheap actually. but doesn't change the fact that i'm broke. and i seem to have more and more things that i want to buy. T.T how how?

 love this new belt. hahaha i don't know why i'm so bunga but i just like this kind of belt!

 eye mask! the better to sleep with :D

 oh, colorful pebbles for fishie from Jac!
i think my fish's pretty freaked out by the pebbles though, it keeps looking at them. LOL!

yay to my bag. bought it online. was kinda disappointed at first cause it's friggin SMALL! D:
but once i put that Hello Kitty thingy on, immediately I love it. HAHAHA <3
i still think it looks like a grocery bag though, but it stores a lot of stuff so i'm keeping it for now! til i have enough to buy another hahaahaa

on Thursday, Katty and I joined the big Chemical gang at the study area. i loved that feeling. it's like.. i feel so productive! we even connected another table and all of us worked hard with our laptops and papers scattered on the table.

at one point, everyone was busy on the phone and that made me imagine myself in an office. everyone buried under tonnes of work, but still happily working together.

i can't put that feeling into words. i just felt...  happy?
everyone was like, ughh we're gonna stay here until so late. but all that was in my head was -- excitement. i'm like this kid who went into the candy shop for the first time. haha i liked that feeling, so very much. *heart flutters*

okay. i shall stop now. still have two more assignments to submit. and let's not forget finals the week after. :/
busy busy.

and to a very dear friend of mine,
i can't say i know how you feel, what you're going through, and i sure as hell don't know the words  to make you feel better, to make you forget.
but do know, whenever you need a friend, someone to talk to, someone to just listen, i'm here.
oh, i can be your shopping buddy or eating buddy too, whichever pleases you. :))

Truth is... We hide because we want to be found... We walk away to see who follows... We cry to see who wipes away the tears... And we let our hearts be see who comes...and fixes them... 

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