Tuesday, May 17, 2011

go ahead, judge me.

i think he's hot. lol

i know only few of you will agree, so just save it, okay? i don't need people telling me everything to my face. it's like you people are trying to piss me off.

"you have bad taste."
"i bet you can't do this bla bla"
"you don't even know anything about bla bla"
"i'm pretty sure you're just saying that to make yourself feel better blablabla"

i've had it. is your sole purpose of being my 'friend' to mock me? you say all these hurtful words, not knowing the damage it'll cost. you think it's easy for me? you don't even know me, what i'm going through. why i did this, why i did that. all you do is assume, and judge from what you think is going on.

not everything is a bed of roses, definitely not for me. how would you feel if someone treated you like how you're treating me? i can say so many hurtful things to you out of spite, just to make you have a peek of how you've made me felt in the past, but i won't. i'm not you and i'm just gonna keep those thoughts in my head, where i can drown in shame for even having such ugly thoughts.

i hope you're happy, you've successfully made me miserable. congratulations? hah. you deserve a pat in the back.

i'm not talking to you until i receive an apology from you. and it better be sincere. 

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