Friday, May 20, 2011

psycho bitch

sometimes late at night, i go crazy and open hundreds and hundreds of blogshop links and just click til I find something to my liking. then i filter those items and narrow my choices down to the few 'affordable' ones. 

and when times get rough, i'll ask myself: "do I really need it? will I ever use it? it doesn't really go with my usual style."
you know, trying to convince myself that i shouldn't spend that money.

rofl. it's been days, scrolling and scrolling and sleeping at 4am. ughgh
i hope this feeling goes away. i hate it when i have that urge to shop. it's like i'm forcing myself to buy something so i can feel satisfied.

and i have to admit i'm sort of a 贪小便宜 person! when i see blogshops with promotions like "buy 4items FREE postage", my mind goes berserk. it's like all i think about is to save that postage fee. immediately i go through all, and i do mean all, the products in said shop trying to find 3 more items just so i can get free postage. and if i don't, somehow i'll lose interest and just drop that item from my want list altogether. rofl. why am i so funny? (not)


HH's visiting tomorrow! hopefully we'll have a fun weekend. *fingers crossed*
went shopping with Kri this afternoon, McD for lunch. not bad laaa. i want those shoes!! :3

P/s got me Real Madrid jersey from SPL. woohoooo \m/

i'm wearing it as you read this post. wahaha.
okayy maybe not. i'm wearing it as I type this post. :D

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