Monday, May 23, 2011


finally met up with HH on Saturday. the last time i saw him was during our Awhyo KL trip, which was January 2010! damn long ago. hehe.

all of us gathered at Al Fresco. full attendance yo! (only those in Miri though, not full gang D:)
nice laa meeting up like this. plus my parents were awayy so as the saying goes, "the mice went out to play" :D

 group photo! :3

me and kri showing off the ring and bracelet that we bought :D

he had a little too much and got drunk, i suppose? he started telling us things he wouldn't normally say. xDDD
it was fun la. so many truth poured out that night.

Thurs, went to McD for the PINK coke glass. Susan, Doris, Kri and I were supposed to go, who knew everyone ffk us. in the end, it was a romantic lunch. haha! :D

 after that, we went shopping!! woot woott~


ngo hou zhong yi <3

jac's ring and nails. also very nice weihhh T.T

final pic to end post, cause i'm lazy to continue blogging hahahaha

artistic photo taken by me yay \m/

how's life? you might ask.
how's studies? you better don't ask.

i'm failing and failing ughgh and i just can't bring myself to give a damn. i've lost my.. passion? whatever motivation i had in the past, it's gone. but i have to admit, i am scared. scared of the thought of failing my course. :S

today, someone told me i've changed... for the worse. i'm not how i used to be. i'm lazy now. i don't know why he felt the need to repeat himself over and over. i guess that's just how much he wanted me to know that i suck now? :(

I honestly thought this would get me off my knees, that this would be the slap i needed. and i would be in top shape, getting my head in the game, and just study my ass off or something. but no, the afternoon was wasted, my night was wasted. durhh. why am i like this?!
whoever succeeds in changing me, well, let's just say your wish is my command.

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