Sunday, May 8, 2011

when your good isn't good enough

hi everyone! with all the emo-filled previous posts, i decided to brighten up this blog with happier moments haha

so the past week have been pretty hectic for me. Jac and I played the entrance song for a wedding, we played Canon in D. spent the whole week practicing, thankfully not much mistakes during the real thing. and by 'not much' i mean not obvious. xD at night, we were invited to the bride and bridegroom's wedding dinner. :)

it was fun. love the band playing that night, and the bride is really prettyyyyy :3

oh and we went to sing k Tuesday night, after practice. Cassandra joined us too ;D
only bad part was i got busted when i got home. dang. hahaha

enough words, picture time!! :D

 angelssss hahahaha

 our Music Gang. :o

 Jac, Cass, me and Kenny.


the camera's not mine. but i don't mind someone buying one for me ;)

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