Friday, May 13, 2011

friday the 13th! :o

no such luck. hehe

i think i've come to terms that this 'love' of mine will forever remain unrequited. but that's okay. no seriously, i'm okay with it. maybe it's just tonight, i'm okay tonight. but whatever feeling of sadness i will have in the future, it's okay too. i just need to toughen up, busy myself with school stuffs and i'll be.. okay.

this afternoon, i received an email that read "make a wish before reading this prayer and it will come true." naive as it seems, i actually believe in these kinds of emails, mainly because they're prayer emails. and i do believe that God grants wishes, if you ask for it, and if it's according to His will. however, i dare not wish for you. for i know.. it won't come true. ahah. and i wouldn't want to waste my wish on something impossible. "because try as you might; you can't make someone love you. Sometimes, you have to let go. That's when love hurts the most." (Eexin, 2011)

what was i thinking in the first place, having a crush on him. i don't even know him. teehee. so instead, i wished that i'd find happiness, learn to live my life happy and that i'd change myself, not be so lazy anymore. 

and tonight, i've found happiness. :) 

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