Sunday, July 31, 2011

i'm so fat

my week was.... eventful, and tiring. it's nice being so drowned with stuffs but then again, it's nice to take a step back from all that and just breathe too.

really happy that Monday classes are in the afternoon. hehe so i can sleep in tomorrow.

well, i just got back from work at Parkson. worked for Digi during the weekends. it was tiring, my eyes were killing me (they still are) and standing for the whole day was just...... exhausting. glad that i made new friends though. and thanks for the people who accompanied me during lunch and dinner. haha <3

why is it whenever i'm trying to save i see things and get tempted to buy them? >:(
for example, i saw the FCUK watch in Parkson (not gonna reveal where HAH! SO SUE ME) and fell in love!!! like, i've been searching high and low for it for YEARSSSSS!!!!
but none of the shops are selling that brand. i even continued my search in Philipines when i went back that year, but NO LUCK!!

and NOW, it's available in PARKSON!?! can you see the dilemma i'm in? *big fat sigh*

friday night, finally we had our shisha session with Daryl. but alas the shisha in Miri wasn't up to his expectation. tssk

Thursday night was the Four Season's wedding performance. it was fun, nerve wrecking, but fun.

okay that's enough words for a post. time for the pictures~

 priceless pic. haha

 blue bird yay ":D

 ahaha birthday card from Steph. her handwriting so nice ler!

 bought these rings. nice ler!! and cheap! :D

lame right this post? only pictures. but yeah i'm just so lazy :S

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