Wednesday, July 6, 2011

zombies want your brain

went to the beach just now. kinda sohai-ed the whole day. felt great, only now, i'm feeling exhausted, and that is so not me.

anyways, saw these gorgeous pair of shoes in a shop. really like it but sadly i can't afford to simply spend on stuffs cause i have no more part time job. $$ flow is dead for now. damn. sucks laa this feeling. i'm trying my best to control so i can put some $$ inside the bank. it's almost 0 liao. HAHA so pity.

having fun at the beach. by having fun i mean taking tonnes of pics. lolol

Jac showing off her tattoo and me my bracelets hahaha

red hair. :D

zombie face HAHAHAHA!!
i love my double chin yo \m/

 don't i look innocent here?

eesh. my posts are getting more and more pointless. probably not enough time to think. so not much to rant about. or rather, there's too much to rant about that i don't have the time nor energy to put them into words.

boo. and by the way, results are out. honestly i'm quiet happy that i passed all my subjects. just pass though. you might think my expectations are low, well, yes they are. but it's not my fault i'm lazy (okay maybe it is i am trying my best to change yada yada) and lack perfect memory ya know. so passing is considered not bad, for my standards. plus, the papers weren't exactly easy peasy. i passed. to me it was enough. i was even happy and thought about asking for a reward. but boohoo. jokes on me, i guess it's not enough for your standards. no point asking for a new phone now. *lifelong dream shatters*

move along now, if you need me i'll be standing by the phone shop, looking longingly at the Blackberry wishing it'll be mine. bloody

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