Friday, September 3, 2010


zomg. look at my fringe. no wait! don't look at it!!

neways, bought this baby yesterday. *inserts evil laughter*
Wee and I spent like forever walking in Guardian. the Guardian in town has a lot more things compared to the one in Parkson. i think?

oh ho ho. all i know is i'm so happy ~~

 has anyone realized that money is so hard to earn, yet so easy to spend? :((

and today is Friday... which marks the end of my holidays!
the sad part is : everyone's holiday starts next week. wtf is this shit.
when i holiday, nobody holiday. when everybody holiday, i no holiday. FML much.

and my gum/teeth hurts!! i am so so sad. even swallowing my saliva hurts i don't know why. maybe cos the gum is involved in the process or something ha ha ha. 
darn. seems like i'm a very sad girl hor. hahahaha. boooooo :(

 another thing. the side of my mouth and nose has been itching for the past few days. at first i kept on scratching it, even enjoying scratching it (lol sot one). then yesterday, it started to hurt when my face touched water. (SAD SAD SAD). worse part is the bottom and side of my mouth is a darker shade of skin and some of the skin is coming off. MA GU

SORRY FOR BORING YOU ALL WITH MY COMPLAINTS! and to make up for all that complaining, i used a very interesting title for this post. wahaha. 

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