Monday, September 27, 2010

holiday day #1

Sim Chia Wee, THIS is what we call editing ok! :P

 today's Monday, but no Monday blues for me! :D
cause it's the holidays! hip hip hooray! don't you just love how Curtin is generous in giving its students holidays? seems like we have holiday every few weeks. LOL

well, SS, Kri, Daryl, PL and I went to Hartz Chicken Buffet yesterday. it was so so. not really worth the money. but i loved the ice cream! and the chicken also not bad  ;]
enjoyed the Coleslaw, and more importantly, enjoyed talking with them all. haha <3

Friday had abc with Jac and Yin Ming, then off to the beach ;D
after that, we met up with Bobby at Parkson's bowling alley. zomg guess who i saw there? none other than Noorul♥ !

both our reaction damn funny.she actually hid behind her bf and tried to run away from me -_-
me on the other hand, gasped damn loudly when i realized it was her, then stood there unable to move. HAHAHA
good times, good times :)

 we left Parkson via Curtin bus (lol sakai) then went back down town using Bobby's car for dinner. we actually camwhored inside the bus. and the bus damn luxurious one lor! :3

had dinner at.. King City? i think.. yea not bad, bloated after. then we headed to Progress. CS! :D
woohoo. hahaha.

so enough with the words. time for pics! :)

chocolate milkshake. made some for musketeers when they came over for mooncakes.

all four of us wore the SouLNation shirt. haha quite cute one. the pics are with Jac but she hasn't uploaded them yet.
we walked around the neighbourhood with our lanterns, but got bored after awhile. so we headed to Ming's. but everyone was tired and sleepy by then. haha so kinda moodless la our mooncake celebration :s

yay brothers.

we wore matching colors that day ;D

and and and, DAD SAID MY CONTACTS NOT NICE!! :(((
he said look like mata juling (crossed eye). got meh!!! T___T

noob. ^-^

hahaha me fooling around with bro's X-Board. i look like a 12 year old kid. ;DDDDDD

okay that's all. it's so boring. :(
holidays don't seem like holidays when you don't got no money.

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