Thursday, September 9, 2010


nothing is going right for me at the moment.
firstly, my body's been itching for the past few days. like, fucking itchy kind of itchy.
at first thought it's allergy or something? but now i'm starting to think it might be a disease cause' i'm never allergic to anything! especially food. wtf

as if this isn't suffering enough, i washed and treatment-ed my hair just now with high hopes that my fringe wouldn't be so dry nemore. (i straightened it Monday)
fuck lah. first time i straightened fringe til it comes out so frizzy. it looks as if i  玉米烫 my fringe. WTF *smacks self*
i really wish to wake up from this nightmare and realize that it was all just a dream. the shit i am in.
hais... why so dry :(
why!? i can't bear to look at my fringe. i prefer it curly than it is now. damn fucking screw it. the only thing stopping me from chopping it all off is my sanity. and i am almost going insane. i really am. the fucking itch is seriously killing me!

not only that, tomorrow's Friday. and suddenly all them assignments that are due come popping up. why in the world didn't i feel like doing them on Monday??? shit. fuck you summary. hais.

ok la i'm going to sleep my sorrows away. hopefully tomorrow morning the itch will stop. sigh. as for the fringe, i give up. you win. be as frizzy as you want, i don't give a fuck anymore.

if you dare comment bout my reddish hands/fugly fringe, imma choke you like the cat in the pic above. ROAR!!

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