Wednesday, September 15, 2010


presentation is over ;DD

too bad i screwed up! *SAD*
after screwing up, only then i realize that we only have one presentation per semester and i should have done my best by memorizing my lines (obviously which i didn't do), so that i won't stutter while giving my speech. why oh why didn't i bother ?! 

so anyways, dun care liao lah. it's over already ngehehe :D
had abc with awhyo. woohoo miss my airen! <3 and my darling Susan and laopo Kri. :)) Doris Ting absent!! grrr

nothing much to say. oh wait, maybe got a little bit things to say:

urm.. seems like i'm putting him higher and higher in my priority list. is like, if i don't see him it'll bring my mood down. or if i do see him and he doesn't say hi to me it'll bring my mood down as well. what the hell? but sadly, i am nothing to him. i know i mean nothing to him. i can be right in front of him talking to him and he can't even hear me. *sigh*
i think it's better to not have crushes. and more importantly don't put too much emotions into your crush. haha
okayy tomorrow is the holidays. i will forget about you tomorrow :)

now a vain pic to blind you all. wahaha. i assure you that it is not edited!! it's the sunlight making me look so so fair :P woots!

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