Saturday, January 30, 2010



 I must admit, this money-hardly-enough crisis is getting to me. 
can't believe I went totally berserk this afternoon -_-

I felt violent.
I wanted to shout, but it seemed silly at the time cos I was alone and nobody would hear me shout. waste my strength leh wtf. 

i wanted to throw something, so I did :
I threw the pillow onto the sofa. -___- 

okay lah i admit I didn't had the guts to break anything. ~.~
cos the last time I lost it and threw something, it caused permanent damaged - the bathroom door in my bro's room has a hole cos I threw a chair into it. WTF


good times.. gooood times

so in the end I just cried, washed up, then prepared to have a great time with Doreen and Sanjeet.  ! 

and yes, I did have a great time with them. 
they always make me laugh
and forget everything else that's bothering me (: 
will post up some pics once I have them. haha.

here they are! :D

Sanjeet and I 
dono why I look tired ~_~
all the pics my face tired tired one :X 

3 of us :D

we watched Vampire Assistant. hohoho

I think I should stay away from all these Vampire series. ~_~ 
I just might turn into one. *gasp

plus side is, we spent idk how long in Popular drooling over the pics in magazines. wuahaha.
there's this Twilight mag, omg lor costs rm40++

flipped thru it there. hahaha! 
we drooled and giggled and screamed as if we owned the place. rofl. and yesshh it was fun! :D

long long ago, before Parkson was renovated, we did the same thing in Popular and got a warning to not be so noisy next time. wtf 

San and Do
funny chicks. haha XD

love Doreen's star pen tatoo
she's in love with Martin from BoysLikeGirls,, that's why the similar tatoo. lols 
gila one. she even showed us some videos of the guy. haha


hmmm there's also this new stall selling prathas near the cinema. we tried it out. not bad larh =D
we even went into the Tattoo shop! hahaha
the guy there laughed at Sanjeet cos she acted like she's afraid of tattoos :P 
hmm hmmm walked around Parkson. saw so many things I wanna buy. but felt like it's not worth it. 
every time I wanna buy something I don't really need, I hear Sanjeet's voice chanting inside my head ...

"abstinence, baby. abstinence."

hahaha~!! jokeeee~ 

hmmmm... miss Parkson, kinda sorta in a way. cos well, haven't been there for quite a while :D
and guess who I saw there??
Chelsea ! muahaha
finallly saw her wakaka \o/ 
*jumps up and down*
wanted to walk over, but... nahh, paiseh ar be bulb XP 

Doreen said the guy working in Speedy's cute. but sadly he wasn't there just now :(
so instead I pointed out to her, that the guy working in the phone shop is cute.
then she made a face, and called him an ah beng. !! 

wtf wtf 


Jac darling, I'm sure you'll love my desktop background. wuahaha :D

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