Tuesday, January 19, 2010

RIP kkaes? <3

I really like this pic, though I'm not in it. haha!

very niceeee!

and yes, finally at long last we're back from KL!
quite happy and sad at the same time

many things happened during the trip
funny, sad, angry you name it. haha

regretted not spending enough time with my ai ren and Bry Goh and Daryl Soon :(

haix wonder when I'll see them again..

very happy that I get to see mr Chong Hao Hsiu too! ahaha

he didn't change one bit!


quite happy that I got to cross off quite a number from my wishlist too! =D

one of them is meeting my babe!! :D

we knew each other thru MapleStory.

as much as she tries to hide it,
deep down,
I know she's a very thick face-d person. muahaha!!

PS: she's the one in the middle!

as predicted by Terry,
I was broke on the 4th day. hahaha!!

left with only rm23 after dinner. lolol!
damn hilarious lor ~_~

also, Monday morning, was informed by my bro that BeanBean♥  left us...

was really sad lor.. he didn't even get to recover from all his wounds and he had to go already
I cried silently in the bed.. knowing that I'll never get to see him again..

I won't have the chance to touch his smooth fur, and he's very fat too! haha
damn love him!

he's very lazy to walk, that's why it's so fun to play with him cos he won't run away. even if he does, it'll be very easy to catch him haha

omg.. tears are welling up in my eyes...
I miss him..

I remembered how he once peed on my pants when I was playing with him. haha
I thought hamsters are supposed to live longer?? it's not even a year yet.. I think?

omg.. come to think of it, it's almost a year already

Bean Bean I miss you!!!

ok lar I wanna go to my room and cry..
gonna continue this post tomorrow after unpacking and uploading pics!

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