Friday, January 22, 2010

6M gathering :)

went to a gathering last night. with our ex primary classmates.
Kri, Susan and I went.

kinda nervous and excited at the same time. it's like, haven't seen them all in such a long time.

what if things get awkward and we have nothing to say?
what if I say something wrong and everyone gets pissed at me?
so many what if's.

what if this is actually a set up plan to kidnap us?!?! D:
the horror !

so much for my worrying. everything went well last night. we had so much fun, gossiping bout other ex-classmates who weren't there. ahaha

quite alot of people went. Miri really damn small cos even Tze Jing went to eat dinner there -,-

after dinner, celebrated Kai Shen's birthday.
ate cake. yumms! (:

finally another 19 year old, that way Kri won't be so lonely. ahaha :D

after dinner, we continued at Hai Luo.
we only stayed awhile. cos well, good girls don't go out late bahh. ^^

so that's it. lazy elaborate T_T
enjoy the picss!!

not so clear group photo.
next time waitresses should learn how to take decent pics as well.

me and Kri laopo.
the face very ham, cos Susan kacau us!!

Michelle Yii

Kri, me and Michelle.

Jia Yang.
mouth like what. really want someone to fight him I guess.

Jing Chern!!
very cute boii! haha

with Kri again. haha

Alson Hii.
this one also wan people to fight him

yay I like this pic cos my hair got colour. wahaha

birthday boii

looks so hilarious one, just like last time.

Susan and Belinda. :D

me. hahaha
need take alot of times then take dao decent abit pic wei T_T

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