Thursday, January 14, 2010

FAILED photoshop attempts, by yours truly

it's 4.40pm already! gahhh~
I still haven't packed yet! :(

I've no idea what to bring to KL.... *worries !!!

ok la no time to talk crap
still have to pack later
just wanna blog before I leave Miri T_T
  for good. ahaha just joking!

kinda hooked to photoshop lately...

even watched some vids in youtube.
damn those people are good. *envious*

so tried out on a few pix..
sadly, mine are like shit!

what the.... :(

and the main reason I had the urge to blog, was cos I edited one pic just now, it looked perfect.
like so nice, then after I closed Photoshop and uploaded it here I was stunned.

I've never seen anything uglier.

the hell.

I just hope nobody goes blind after seeing these pics LOL!

my photoshopping skills sucks.

*breaks down and cry*

#1 before:

(without any alteration whatsoever)





very beh song lor I worked so hard on it, it looked so nice to me then how come suddenly become ugly again?!
maybe photoshop jealous so it changed my edit eh hahaha


look like ghost right? ahaha
and sorry I used extra large size for the photos
it looks even weirder when it's small.
no idea why.


#2 before:

I look dark everytime I pose with my Hello Kitty!


er... okok la.. got bit fake nia the face.

#3 before:

haha this pic got alot of edited versions


1st attempt.
okok lah cos I didn't do any major changes to it.



2nd attempt:
I tried to blur the skin (saw fromm youtube)

and changed the eye colour.

even drew new pupils LOL

and jeng jeng jeng, I ended up with this =.=
too much blur!!!

ok lor, in the end I got the hang of the blurr-ing part (sort of)
so I tried,

the making-part-of-your-face-bigger/smaller thingyy

I experimented on my eyes first.
I tried giving myself a nose job but failed horribly -___-

not that the eye surgery was a success either
*points down*


every time I look at this pic I end up laughing and laughing and laughing.

like so funny arrrr!!!

ok lah so that's it. only 3 failed pics.
ahem I don't wanna fail that many times lor

a recap, shall we?


looks like a ghost lah wtf.
maybe that's how i'll look like after i die


and #3

ok lah.. so many pics of me.

actually this post is a scam to make you all miss me even more. *chuckles*


5.39pm now.

going to the airport soon :(

gonna enjoy myself in shopping paradise, till my $$ runs out that is,

till then~


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Anonymous said...

Not the best, but you have my credit for some of the images.