Saturday, January 2, 2010

for your eyes only

nothing much,

just a few more pix I feel like sharing :P

brother playing PSP

inside some club in the highlands

very cool, there's a pianist upstairs, he's good

 christmass tree!

youngest bro. haha sakai face!

auntie Edith in orange. she's very pretty (:

kuya Warloo playing the piano, and kuya Mark singing.

damn they're so talented!
and good looking :P

can't believe kuya Mark's married already T___T


Chinky, kuya Mark's wife.
those are his twins! :P

this pic is funny,

I look like a ghost behind there LOL!

Kevin! haha

he always has a way of making us laugh.

nice view of the highlands, ei? :D

4 loving siblings

can't you feel the love? :P

youngest bro looks so happy to be eating ice cream hahaha
look at my face, LOL!

hahhaha HAM face!
not looking my best in this pic, obviously. but who cares?! hahaha

Hello Kitty!! ♥

young bro with Kobe, the chihuahua
lols. he's so easily frightened.
look at it, trying to run away


dad. haha sakai!

ok the next three pix really made me laugh my ass off. hahaha

make sure you look at one pic, admire it, laugh,
THEN scroll down.


evil mother of mine must have took this pic while I was sleeping! what the!!

ZOMG lah I can't stop laughing when I saw this pic. hahaha!!

it's like so much more funnier compared to mine ! HAHAHA ROFL

and and and, the winning picture amongst the three. haha!

are you ready for it? :P






if you're not laughing or smirking or -any relevant reaction- at all,

then you must be CRAZY! haha

you have zero funny bones inside your body.


ok lah I'll end this post with a picture of my family. haha