Tuesday, January 12, 2010

as childish as before. XP

went to Curtin yesterday! with ah Weeeeee~

went there to settle some stuffs.

then hor, Wee gave me a pressie lerh! damn touched ar.

Hello Kitty made from clay. damn cute ok!
I love the ribbon part, it's like, so so detailed. RAWR!! ♥

she bought some things from this blogshop mar, then hor, she asked the person whether they can make a hello kitty or not !

walau eh. that's like the sweetest thing she's ever done for me! hahaha
joke joke. she's very good to me one, make me damn touch. haha

I was jumping up and down the whole day ! ;D

we were starving by the time we finished our 'chores'.
so we went to makan!

ate at Sau Pau. we always go there. :P
and hor, Wee told me the story of the shop.

not sure whether I can write it or not. so I'll leave the story untold, for now, until I get permission that is. haha

went to the gym with Doreen and Sanjeet. they're hilarious. haha
I say that all the time, !

we went jogging in the end, cos the gym was full D:

suddenly there's this huge black dog running beside us, scared us a lil' cos it looked deadly, like serious.

San was like
"OMG let's all stop walking" 

LOL then we just stopped there and prayed that we'll make it alive.

not long the owner came jogging towards us.

sadly, like San said.. "he's balding"


and probably married WTH

not only that,
when we were talking with Sanjeet's dad,
this blonde with messy hair/hot ang mohhh riding a bike passed by WTF

I was laughing at a joke San's dad made then I looked at him, so my face was like a crazy smile or something
I guess it turned to shock when I saw how gorgeous he was.

 I stared for idk how long.
and he caught me staring. gahhh...

when he looked away, it was his turn to look shocked.


more importantly, when my gaze finally left his face
I noticed that attached to his bike was a baby cradle? something like that.

apparently he's married with 2 (or maybe more) children.


one hour of exercising and I drooled on 2 married men.

so much for my last wishlist. zzzz


moving on~

see how cute the Hello Kitty charm is??♥

tied it to the gold chain hanging from my wallet last night.
it's so gorgeous now LOL!

I'll smile sheepishly whenever I loook at my wallet -___-

sounds like something only a lunatic would do.

last night, there was a Rosary gathering at our house too! hehehe
dad asked me to play the piano while they all sing.

the 1st song was like, on-the-spot.
so kinda funny larh, the people dunno how to sing the song, I also not sure of the beat
then it's like I wait for them then they wait for me.

very funny :P

2nd song I practised few times liao so was okayy (:

why am I blogging bout this?
well, because after the gathering, dad came up to me and said
"waa Twinkle(my nickname, shut up and stop laughing) play the piano so well oh"

and usually when he says stuff like this he'd be like goofing around.
but last night was different.

he was smiling, but this smile was different.
it's not a hey-im-joking smile.

it's more of a im-so-proud-of-you smile.


I could even see the glimmer in his eyes last night, it could just be the light but WHO CARES?


my dad's proud of me.


ok some pix before I end this post[which I decided to write all because I wanna brag about my new gift and also the fact that my dad's proud of me hahaha].

me and my youngest bro - Ryan.

go die lah him, punch me in the end!

but this pic of him is like soooo cute! :D

2nd bro - Ariston.

now that I've properly introduced them, I shan't refer to them as "youngest bro, 2nd bro" in my future posts anymore. LOL

and lastly, a pic of me. hahaha


woo woo ~

I love my green eyes T~T
edited via Photoshop, or contact lens??

guess! :D

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